Thursday, March 4, 2010

Winter in Hawaii

I'll preface this post with the announcement that I have NEVER lived where it gets very cold. I'm a southern girl and I don't really tolerate the cold very well.  Hawaii has made me even MORE of a cold weather wimp.
I am in the middle of my fourth winter here. Typically winter is a very rainy and wet season. The first year we were here, it rained somewhat, but not a ton. I wondered what the hoopla was about with this "rainy season".  The second and third winters more than made up for that first one. We had downpours and flash flooding. I was cleaning mildew and mold off of almost every surface of this old wooden house.
This winter hasn't been very wet, but temperatures have been cooler. So cool, in fact, that I'm cold.
This old house we live in is in the higher elevation here so its cooler and way more damp here than in other parts of the island. (Thus the comment of mold and mildew) We currently have two de-humidifiers working to try to keep mold out of our clothes and linen closets. Because the de-humidifiers make so much noise and blow warm air, I usually don't run them in the room where I am. However, during these "cool" days, I've been tempted to bring the de-humidifier into the living room while I'm having morning coffee and warming my hands and feet around the warm air blowing from the machine. It's really kind of funny..."gather 'round family, and warm yourself at the de-humidifier!"
I know I've been in Hawaii too long when central air conditioning and/or 67-74 degrees makes me cold. I'm not sure I'll survive next winter in Rhode Island!

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