Tuesday, March 16, 2010

High Maintenance Wannabe

Since I was in such a funk yesterday, and my birthday is tomorrow, I decided to treat myself to a pedicure and trip to the mall today.
I love getting any kind of spa treatment. I could easily be a high maintenance woman...if only we could afford it. We have WAY too many kids for me to splurge often.
After my lovely and relaxing pedicure, I went next door to the shoe store. Even when you don't feel good in your body or clothes, you can always buy shoes! Ooops.. shoe shopping right after a pedicure isn't a good idea. You can't try on shoes, even sandals, with freshly painted toes. I mucked one of them up and would have been furious with myself if I didn't have the same polish at home for touch ups. I bought a pair of shoes:

Shoes with freshly painted toes and bottle of nail polish for touch ups...because I'm clutz.

Another shot of cute shoes. Cheap-os from Payless...my favorite kind.

This the ONLY style anyone ever wears in Hawaii. It must be some kind of flip-flop and they call them ALL "slippas"
After my trip to the shoe store, I decided I'd hit Sephora and find a product I heard about here: A Southern Belle and Her Officer.
While I'm there, I purchase the described product "eye liner tutorial" at $38.00, and found another little make up packet that I spent $34.00 on.  This is expensive, even for me and I have a terrible feeling that I'll try them all once and never again. I'll end up passing them along to my 19 year old. She's a lucky girl. She steals my new cute shoes and gets all my expensive make up rejects.


USMCWIFE said...

I think I may try the eyeliner kit! And I do love me a pedicure and SHOES. BTW Have a very happy birthday!

Paula said...

I can't WAIT to try the eyeliner kit today. Thanks on the birthday wishes :)

thelumberjackswife said...

Have a lovely birthday!