Friday, March 19, 2010

Annual Doctor Visit...

Today I went to Tripler Army Medical Center for my annual physical and all that goes with it. For those of you not familiar with TAMC (Tripler Army Medical Center) let me tell you about it. It’s a HUGE pink hospital that sits just down the road from where I live.(but still takes me 30 minutes considering the parking situation)It serves all branches of the military here in Hawaii and let me reiterate.. it’s HUGE! I hate going to Tripler for more than one reason but the main one is that there is absolutely NO parking. They recently added a valet parking service which is all wonderful if you happen to go to that side of the hospital (which I don’t) and valet is not full. The parking garage is normally full, not that it’s on the side I frequent either. I go to the ocean side (yes it has a beautiful view) and there is a huge parking problem. The second reason I hate going is because it’s truly the only place I’ve ever visited where the phrase “you can’t get there from here” is used and it’s true. To get from family practice (which is on the ocean side and where I go) to the pharmacy (which is on the mountain side) here’s what you do. Take the elevator from floor 1 to floor 2; take the loooong hall (they call it a bridge) to another bank of elevators. Take that elevator from floor 2 to floor 4 (which ends up being the first floor if you come in on the other side, which is called the mountain side) then take another looong hallway (bridge) and you’ll be at the pharmacy. You will wait at the pharmacy for at least 30 minutes. It’s that big, and I swear a bunch of drunk Army generals laid it out so they could laugh at us from their graves.
Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Annual visit. I was pleasantly surprised when my favorite primary care provider informed me that because of my great history with the ever popular PAP I didn’t have to have one this year if I didn’t want it. I jumped all over that. I said, GREAT, just re-fill my meds (high blood pressure) and I’ll be golden. So, she looks at my file a little closer and decides I need lab work. I make my way across the pink hospital and finally find the lab that they’ve temporarily re-located while they renovate the old one. Sheesh. I think I’m good to go! Needle stick was almost completely painless and I didn’t have to wait a half hour.
This evening, I’m just about to start dinner and my favorite primary care provider calls to give me my lab results. (Who knew the Army could be that fast) My sugar is high, my cholesterol is high and basically, I need to get healthy or I will be a hot mess soon, especially given my high blood pressure and family history. (Damn genetics) So, while my inside plumbing works fabulously, other things need work.
So, I’m here, publicly stating that I will take a healthier step. I will exercise more; I will eat better and lose at least 15 pounds so I’m not a raving diabetic on 15 meds in a few years.

Keep me honest people. I need the support.
For your viewing pleasure:  TAMC
Is it any wonder I need this: (which my favorite primary care provider said I could have, because I'm worth it)


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Good grief. What do people who can't move well do when they get there? That's ridiculous.

Sorry about your numbers. :( At least you have good incentive now?

Anonymous said...

You will have it all under control soon, I am sure. When you see "her" you can look good and know you are healthy to boot! Maybe you could work in your new great cholesterol numbers into casual conversation too.

Paula said...

Haha Lynn.. you crack me up! Right you are!!