Monday, December 26, 2011

Just Like That... It's Over

I can't believe I haven't blogged since before Thanksgiving and we've just finished up Christmas. Not only have I not written a blog, but I haven't even looked at the blog, changed the background for the holidays (something I normally LOVE to do) and I haven't read any other blogs.
I guess you can say the Christmas holidays have caught me by surprise this year. I was in no way prepared and have struggled to keep the stress out of the season for weeks now. I am never happy to see Christmas come and go, but I have to admit, this year...I'm done. I'm ready for a fresh start and a new year.
Nick took brigade command on the 10th of November. I was officially welcomed by the spouses' coffee group on the 20th of November. Thanksgiving followed almost immediately and I was facing December.
As the new commander's wife, I wanted to host the coffee group in my home for the Christmas coffee. I have always done that and I enjoy it.
There was no active group before us, so I was starting from scratch.
Long story short.. I struggled to get a good social roster and invitations out. Because we are at the brigade level, I have TWO coffee groups and that doubled the load.
I pulled it off. I hosted two coffees and did it as well as can be expected.
My December calendar was absolutely full and I am exhausted. Nick was gone two weekends of the month, which cut down on our family holiday fun times. I was a little cranky about it.
We only had 2 out of 5 kids here for Christmas and will only have one more join us. The other two are just too far away to make it this year. That didn't help my mood at all.
So, I'm done. I'm glad it's over, and I'm ready to start anew.
I'm working to be more organized for the new year and that includes putting time on my calendar for blogging. I enjoy it, it's a good outlet for me and I miss it. I am just too stinkin' busy to see straight. It has to get better... right??
I hope your holidays (if anyone is still out there reading) were wonderful. I hope they were filled with family and quiet peaceful times of relaxation.
Enjoy this last week of the year and please, by all means, share any ideas you have on getting me more organized for the new year with my busy schedule!