Friday, March 5, 2010

Fat Friday

So..I've been struggling with my weight. My problem (besides being over 40 and having my metabolism just stop) is that I truly love to eat. I love to cook and then I love to eat. I like almost any kind of food, but my favorites are those that are just not good for me. I have been on many diets and some very successfully, but eventually, I get lazy and gain the weight back. I'm currently heavier than I've ever been, and I need to lose around 20-25 lbs. I realize that comparatively speaking, it's not crazy obese, but it bothers me. No.. I'm obsessed with it lately. If it bothers me SO MUCH, why can't I get serious about losing the weight again? I know how to do it! I've never been one to exercise. I hate exercise. I hate to sweat, I hate to push myself, and I have yet to experience these "endorphins" I hear so much about. I think it's about as real as the green flash Hawaiians see when the sun goes down over the Pacific Ocean. (I don't buy it, I've never seen it)
I'm working out more. It's not just a weight issue, but a health issue. My blood pressure is high (enough that I'm on meds now) and I'm pre-diabetic. I have to get this under control before I have serious health issues. Today I hit the gym and did almost a full 40 minutes on the eliptical. That is HUGE for me. I keep waiting for those endorphins and to finally slip into that mode where "you just don't feel the pain anymore"  It may be another wive's tale...I'm not sure.
I'm eating healthier most of the time. I'm cutting out the snacks and cutting back on the evening wine. Eventually, I'm hoping to hit a routine I'm comfortable with and can live with.
Right now, I'm particularly motivated because of some upcoming events. Our youngest daughter (the other Callie..yes we have two..) graduates high school at the end of May. I refuse to show up to an event where Nick's ex-wife will be and be looking like a cow. Secondly, we will PCS this summer and I would like to look fabulous and healthy when we hit the east coast. Motivation usually helps... motivation that includes competing with someone's ex..almost always does it!


USMCWIFE said...

I have the same problem, only difference is I do not like to cook but I sure do love to eat. Yes once you hit 40 forget it ... you have to really go into a calorie deficit and stay there. I have found resistance training is the only way to get weight off these days. I exercise at least 60 minutes a day, and I still struggle. I am currently exploring the flat belly diet, seems to not focus too much on calories but on less sugar and insulin. I will let you know how it goes. Oh ya, and on a funny note, my hubs comes in this week and announces, "hey babe, I really need to gain some weight."..ya the wife eyes were in full is so not fair.

Paula said...

Thanks for the note! I should try to eat less sugar just because of the pre-diabetes. The doc even told me to cut back on bread, sugars, etc. I did the south beach diet a couple of years ago and it worked well, it just seems to me that I have trouble re-doing a diet a second time. I should try not to think of it as a "diet" and just the way I'll have to eat from now on. Let me know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

Hi ladies. I am in the middle of a run with WW. Working good so far, but am nervous as I am approaching my weight that I want to maintain. Nothing like an ex to supply some motivation. Seems a friend of mine is on the "divorce diet" She is looking good, but I don't really want to try that one out!
Moderation sucks!
I am sure you will be looking good come graduation.

Paula said...

Lynn, I'm glad WW is working for you. I've done it twice with great results, but just can't wrap my head around it right now. Bottom line is that I'm just freakin' lazy right now. I'm hoping moderation and working out more will help!