Monday, March 29, 2010

Leaving... on a (jet?) plane

When I found out that Nick had a 3 day weekend coming up, I immediately booked a trip to the Big Island. As I have said before, we’ve been here almost four years and have never seen any of the other islands until last month.

There is a military camp on the Hilo side of the Big Island called Kilauea Military Camp which is where we stayed. Nick’s only request was that he gets to see an active volcano while we’re here in Hawaii.

We left Thursday afternoon for the 45 minute flight over. Nick drove to the airport; Callie went with us to drive the car back so we wouldn’t have to pay for parking. This is Nick waiting for Callie and me to get in the car and go.

It seems this is always the story when we leave. He’s in the car, with it started, waiting for us.

Now, when I get through security, I have started my vacation. Proof of that:

We get called to board the plane. We get to the gate and I expect the nice air conditioned jet way, I got this instead: 

This was the plane.

 It was small. I don’t like small planes. They are crowded and make me nervous. Our flight was uneventful. We arrived, rented our car and checked in to our little cabin. On the way into the camp we saw this:

 Those are steam vents... a very good start to a volcano trip.

Our cabin had a fireplace that we used every night. I LOVED the fireplace. I LOVED the chilly weather. We rarely get chilly weather in Hawaii so being at the top of a mountain, near a volcano with cool weather was a blast. I asked the dear man to pay extra for a cabin with a Jacuzzi tub. I used it once during our three day stay. I almost felt guilty for asking, but then I remembered… we don’t even have a tub in our bathroom here. I NEVER get a bath, much less a bath with jets. I got over the guilt.

I will post more on our Big Island trip. Enjoy a few more photos.


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

It's funny that you WANT to be chilly and use a fireplace. But hey, if that's the case, I'm glad it was available.

USMCWIFE said...

Wow, looks like you had a great trip. Me and hubs are so overdue for some "us" time.

MyArmyLife said...

Sounds like such a great trip and I LOVE the photos!! Now, I'll just live for the time when I can start a blog post with "When I found out that DH had a 3 day weekend coming up, I immediately booked a trip to the Big Island!" =)

jane deere said...

I didn't realize you blogged! DUH! I'm a little slow. I am SOOOO jealous! One of these days I want to twist Quinton's arm to take me to Hawaii! It looks so wonderful!