Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance

Today Nick and I attended a change of command ceremony for our good friends coming and going out of command. Rarely do I know both couples so well.
Most of the time, I attend ceremonies and sit without my husband. He is either one of the main players in the ceremony or at the very least, one of the Soldiers on the field. Today I sat with him and made a comment about the bugle playing attention, parade rest, and all those things I don’t understand so much. It seems to me they go to attention, go to parade rest, and start all over. There is lots of marching and orders being yelled out. He said “it’s tradition.” I guess so. I’ve only been an Army wife for less than 6 years and I have already come to love the traditions that go with it. I love hearing the National Anthem being played wherever we go. I love seeing Soldiers stand with a salute as the American flag goes by. I truly love the pride that goes along with all of it.

Speaking of Soldiers, I have to share this news clip of the 7 year old little boy calling 911 for help when his family is being attacked. You can hear the fear in his voice and the hope that help will arrive quickly. When he asks for police and to hurry it makes my heart beat fast. When he added “And bring Soldiers too” it touched me. I love that little boys feel safe with a Soldier. I love that this little boy thinks Soldiers are the good guys and will protect him. I personally feel very safe sleeping with a Soldier every night. I’m proud to share him with the world when it needs him.

Boys 911 Call Thwarts Attackers

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Anonymous said...

I can't watch the clip because the sound will wake up my sleepy house, but I have heard of that call. What a brave little guy!

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