Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Forty-something Blah!

I'm taking a break from blogging about my recent weekend on the Big Island because, honestly, I am just blah today and have been for a few days now.

I am suddenly aware that in a few months Callie will be leaving me to attend college in Texas. I knew she wouldn't be around forever, but she's the last of my three and I'm very sad. I have cried two mornings in a row thinking about it. Whoever designed a woman's life to have empty nest, menopause, and poor eyesight (not to mention the lack of metabolism and all that goes with that) all at the same time, was clearly not a mother or even a woman, for that matter.  In case you haven't been keeping up with my blog very long, I will update you on the empty nest. Alex (Nick's 15 yr old) is joining us this summer. I won't have an empty nest but I will still miss Callie. I have cried over all three leaving. I can't see that stopping with Alex either!

We arrived home on Sunday afternoon and I knew I had to get my act together and make a weekly menu and grocery list. This is something I've enjoyed doing and it's saved me money and time at the store and during the week. This week, I just couldn't get there. I struggled with the menu and list. I poured over cookbooks and my favorite web sites and found no inspiration. I'm trying to eat healthier so when I asked for help from the husband, I had to shoot down half his ideas. (an all beef menu for the week)
I finally got it together and made a menu. I hit the commissary after going to the gym. Let me just say that I'm STILL struggling to find my comfort zone. I hate working out and I suspect that I always will.

This Week's Menu:
Sunday: Chicken pasta alfredo (from a jar) and salad. This was because I had absolutely nothing else in the house.
Monday: Chicken pesto and roasted asparagus (southbeach diet recipe again and it was delish)
Tuesday: Stir fry beef with veggies (Nick makes this one, let's see if it's too spicey to eat again!)
Wednesday: Pork Tenderloin and broccoli
Thursday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and cabbage
Friday: Homemade pizza

On a brighter note, yesterday, Callie and I finished up 3 scholarship applications and got them in the mail. Fingers crossed for some $$$ this year. She got 2000.00 last year from a spouse's club I belong to. All that volunteer work has paid off!


USMCWIFE said...

I so feel your pain...I am in denial so badly about the upcoming months that I can't even bear to think about Michael going to college this fall. Sometimes I think it is a blessing in disquise that I am going through a home sale and a PCS on top of everything else, a wonderful distaction. I am sure menopause is lurking somewhere to come out and hit me over the head anytime now..why not right?? Anyway I am here for you..whenever you need someone that knows exactly what you are going through.

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

I have one more year with my oldest...but she reminds me almost on a daily basis that this is it...Mom, I need to sign up for senior portraits in June; Mom, this is the last class schedule you'll ever have to sign, etc. etc. I suspect it won't end any time soon.
AMEN to all the things that happen to us when we hit 40...UNBELIEVABLE!

HellcatBetty said...

Awww, momma! You know, it's strange to think about it, but I imagine that's exactly how my mom felt only 10 years ago when I left the nest. And I had absolutely no clue. I would've felt suffocated if she'd wigged out on me, but it might have been nice to hear it every so often. Tell your kiddo you'll miss her and that you'll be sad, she might need to hear it. ((hugs))

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

It's a good sign that you're going to miss her. That means she's a pleasant, enjoyable young lady. Which means you've done a good job!

The pesto and asparagus sound delcious.