Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where we are now....

It's been a few days since I've blogged because I'm overwhelmed with DEEP cleaning this house.
I pride myself in keeping a fairly clean house. It may be cluttered at times, but as far as dirt, I think I do pretty well. Little did I know...that once all my stuff was gone... I'd find out I'm a real pig.
This house is old. It has windows that don't seal. It has window air conditioning units. I hate window A/C. I open our windows when I can which brings dust.
We have dogs. Their hair gets under beds and other furniture.
So, I've been cleaning and trying to figure creative ways to eat the food that's left in our refrigerator and the opened stuff that was in our pantry. I'm pretty proud of some of my inventions! Yesterday, for lunch, I cooked half a box of pasta, let it cool, poured the remainder of my lite Italian dressing over it, the last of the olives and pepperoni, and cut up some purple onion. I called it pasta salad. My husband was proud of my genius idea, but didn't offer to eat any of it.
Remember the Aloha furniture I mentioned? When you're overseas, the Army loans you furniture while you're in transition. It's a very nice thing. The furniture, however, ...not so nice.
Here is the current state of our living room:

My Dining Room:

Our bedroom:

The kid's room:

Please notice the mattresses directly on the floor. That is because my darling husband neglected to check the box that said "bed frame" when he ordered the pieces  we needed. When I asked him about it...after the fact...he said, "Oh, I thought boxed springs were the frame."  Bless his heart. Please also note the plastic on the boxed springs. Yes, I have to leave the plastic on the mattress too. Oy!
Our bed is a double and it's about as cheap a mattress that you could buy. I can't wait to be in the hotel. Ask me how I feel about that after I've spent 3 weeks traveling!!
Those stray pieces of stuff lying on Callie's floor are what's left of her cheap desk. I just took it apart so we can throw it away. The stuff on her bed is her clean clothes I just put in there. She's a little spoiled.
On a bright note, the lamps are made of solid wood. If we were to have an intruder, I have a weapon right by the bed. I could club someone with that.
On another bright note, they provided me with a washer and dryer. That's almost as important as a bed and a TV.


JG said...

That's awesome. My friend just got her HHG there and sent back her "borrowed" furniture to ACS. Count yourself lucky, hers were MUCH uglier! :) And I do think the pasta salad idea is pretty brilliant. Way to think outside of the box (pardon the pun)!

TheMarineWife said...'s like a hotel room! Too bad you weren't still on vacay!

Designer outdoor furniture said...
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