Friday, June 4, 2010

Closets, Oh How I'll Miss You

I live in Army quarters, I think I've mentioned this before. Our house is nothing special, is kind of old, but has more than adequate storage for a house this size. We have three bedrooms and two baths. Actually, the master bath is so small (only a shower stall) that it almost doesn't count. It doesn't have ANY storage whatsoever. We have a free standing cabinet that we bought as well as a very small cabinet that we hung over the toilet.
My bedroom has always been a hard one to arrange furniture in because there is no full wall. Two walls are windows. When I say windows, I mean all the way across the wall, for the most part. Another wall is a closet and the fourth wall has two closets and the door into the bedroom. It's been a challenge.
The closets in this house have been wonderful, all things considering. Not ideal, but pretty nice.
I have this closet just for my stuff in the bedroom:

I have all my clothes (except winter clothes which we don't need here) shoes, bags, etc in this closet. Not to mention the safe that you see sitting in the floor and what you can't see, a three shelf book case stuck in there too. It's been a good closet.
I have this closet where I keep bathroom overflow. You know, extra shampoo, towels, linens, and stuff we don't use often. It's fairly clear now, because I have purged LOTS of stuff.

Then there is this closet that my husband uses. As you can see, only one door opens because we have his chest in front of the other one and the TV on top of it. He really doesn't need much room. The man wears a uniform every day. It cuts way down on wardrobe.

I've seen the floor plan of our new quarters. There is ONE closet in the bedroom. It appears to be a walk-in, but I'm not positive about that. The good news is that we have a four bedroom house. Nick will use one as his office since he'll be attending school for a year and will need a place to study. Alex will have one, and the fourth with be a guest room. That gives me TWO extra bedroom closets to put stuff in.
We currently have two closets in the hall as well. I'll miss those. I have a HUGE closet off my kitchen now that I store extra serving dishes, small appliances, dog food, the small beer refrigerator (that could go in the office...what do you think?) and huge book case that I have cookbooks, bins of cookie cutters, etc. I will definitely miss that one.
My girlfriend recently bought these risers to put under the legs of her bed to create more storage underneath. I may have to invest in those for the guest room and the boy's room.
Anyone have creative ideas for storage? I have a feeling I'll need it. We won't have a garage either, but a very small storage building in back. Woe is me!


Tiffanie said...

Definitely check out IKEA...they have AMAZING STORAGE! While LoverBoy is deployed we decided to re-do our kiddos rooms with a lot of their storage stuff as well as our own room! :o)))

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

No suggestions, but lots of pity!

Kayla Sue said...

Hi! Found you through the new mil spouse community! Nice to "meet" you :)

We do not live on post, and have bounced back and forth whether we should or not for ages. I'm still not sure! Do you recommend it?

As for storage ideas, I wish I could help you out, but I need some too! :)

Paula said...

@Tiffanie, thanks for the suggestion! I completely forget about IKEA because they don't deliver to Hawaii.
@Mindee thank for the pity, I'll take it!!
@Kayla Sue, Nice to meet you too! My oldest daughter's first name is Kayla :)
I love living on post. I like living with our "peers" especially overseas. I've only been married to the Army for 6 years, but had a girlfriend after 20 yrs as an Army wife say she would always sacrifice a great house for great neighbors. I guess it depends on what you feel is more important.

JG said...

Hi! I found your blog through the new milspouse community. Nice to meet you!