Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hawaiian Style!

My stuff is gone. I'm not sure where it is right now, but it's not here. I'm hoping it gets on a ship quickly and gets on its why. My hope is that my stuff gets there and is waiting for me when I get to Rhode Island.

On the upside, I had movers that were so much fun. They were respectful, fast (finished everything in TWO days) and FUN.  They had music on, were singing, joking and laughing as they worked. They even put a few personal touches on our packing that will make me smile when I get to the other side.
My husband has a wooden rocking chair that he had when he was a small child. It is fragile and could fall apart very easily. When he told the boy packing it that it was old and special, he wrapped it, put it in a large box with pillows all around it. He wrote on top of the box "Rocking chair, very special" and drew a smiley face. That's just sweet.
I have a grandfather clock. It's not terribly special or expensive, but it's mine. It's hard to pack and move so the movers built a special crate for it, which, in all honesty, I expected. Before crating it, they wrapped it in this brown paper with cushiony stuff inside that they wrapped everything in. I happened to walk by it later and saw it. Here's what it looked like just before going into the crate:

I may have to keep that paper and have it framed!
Here is a picture of the crates on the truck as they were being loaded:

The crate lying on it's side in the middle crate is the one that was specially built for my clock. It kind of looks like a casket, huh?
Today I'm home awaiting my loaner furniture, aka "Aloha Furniture".  It's cheap, very used rattan furniture. But hey, it's free and it gives me a bed to sleep on, a table to have a meal and a couch to watch my tiny TV.
Right now the house is empty. Here is where I'm hanging out.
Notice the lovely TV stand my engineer husband rigged up yesterday. Yes, that's a cable box under the TV. We must have our 1000 channels while we camp out. To the left, on the floor are my iPod speakers/radio. To the right is my laptop. There in front of the TV are the two remotes. Yes, my friends, I'm sitting on the floor, watching TV and blogging. Life is good.


USMCWIFE said...

That is so awesome that you had movers with great attitudes, surely it makes all the difference. Our household stuff has been in Cally 2 months already and with a 6 month waiting list for housing who knows how long till we see it..ugh...have a safe trip back to the states and hope your stuff makes it here unscathed.

JG said...

That's awesome! I hope we're that lucky when we move.

PaperFlora2 said...

what a move..I've never lived out of Los Angeles County for my whole life.

I tweeted your site, hope it brings you a lot of hits :)

Scatterbrain said...

Left you an award on my blog :)