Sunday, June 6, 2010

One Hot Mess

My house, that is. It is uncomfortable for me at this point.
I have taken all curtains down, everything down from the walls, and have a pile of stuff in the corner of the living room that I need to keep back from the movers so we can camp out here for a few weeks.
Yesterday, Nick and I cleaned out the garage, and I do mean clean. We pulled everything we own out onto the driveway, power washed it and laid it out to dry. Then we dragged it all back into the garage in a neat pile for the movers.
Let me clarify how the day went. I dragged stuff out, Nick washed it, I hauled it out to the lawn to dry, then hauled it back to the garage. He helped with the heavier items, but I found myself doing a LOT of the heavy work. I asked him about this later, and he said "would you like to use the power washer?"  but didn't give it up. The good news is, I got some kind of work out.
We rewarded ourselves by going to Hooters for beer and fried pickles. Afterwards, we came home, lit our last fire in the fire pit and enjoyed the Hawaiian evening.
Today the dogs fly to Texas. It's emotional around here because they're so innocent. I will worry about them until our son calls tomorrow and tells us he picked them up and they are ok. We can even track them online, how cool is that?
I took photos, but can't bring myself to make the effort to download them to the computer. Maybe later.

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Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Yeah, running the power washer was definitely the better end of that deal. Why do men think that they always get to use the cool machines?

Unless the machine washes dishes or laundry that is.