Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It Begins....

Today I officially started getting ready for our move. I have cleaned out closets and purged a lot of stuff, but I really started getting the house ready for the move today.
First, I took both dogs to the vet to get their health certificates. They fly next weekend and will spend some time in Texas with our son while we move and visit relatives. He will fly them to us in Rhode Island after we move into our house. It's so nice to have him do this for us. It's chaos trying to have movers in and out with two dogs under foot.
I started going through the kitchen. I hate moving the kitchen! Especially since we have to send our stuff so early. The movers will be here Monday to pack and will pack and load through Wednesday. I have to pull stuff out to keep so we can camp out in this house until we leave. The Army allows us 600 pounds of stuff they call "unaccompanied baggage"  I started that pile today. That stuff will be picked up just as we clear housing and will make the trip to the east coast. Thankfully, being overseas, we'll get loaner furniture and can stay in the house while our belongings ride the ship across the Pacific.
I took down curtains, washed them, and started pulling stuff off the walls. Who knew having someone move you could still be so much work?
I'll be glad when the next two weeks are over. That will be the busiest time. Once our main shipment is gone, we'll enjoy Hawaii for a couple more weeks. I wisely reserved a room down on Waikiki for our last five nights here. I'm going out in style!

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Tiffanie said...

Ugh...moving is a pain!!! Where are you guys going?! LoverBoy wants to put in for Hawaii when he gets home from deployment...we've been in CA the last 6 years, him the last 8 years...he is over it! LOL