Friday, June 25, 2010

A Proud Day

As we wind things down here in Hawaii, there are farewells and good-byes.
This morning, my husband finished up at his "temporary" job. He was assigned a job for a few months as we awaited our move date this summer after he left command. It was a job that even he calls "outside his comfort zone" but he's done very well. The commanding general himself pulled me aside one day and told me how valuable Nick has been and how he's turned the whole staff around in a few short months. I'm very proud.
After putting in his final couple of hours this morning, Nick received his award. The CG (Commanding General) was gone, so the deputy commander gave it to him. Here are a couple of photos.

This evening was my daughter's last night at work. She works right here on post at the bowling alley, in the snack bar. She's worked there since she was barely 16 years old.. that was 3 and a half years ago. How many 19 year old girls can say they've held one job and it was for 3 and a half years? Her co-workers threw a going away party for her tonight. They cooked for her. In case you missed my earlier posts this week, these ladies are mostly Thai ladies and let me tell you, they can cook. They made some amazing food, gave her some beautiful hand made leis and cards with money as well as gifts.
More than one person came over to us as we were eating and hugged her and told her how much they would miss her. These were not only co-workers but customers as well. So many of them hugged Nick and me and told us what a good girl she is, what a hard worker, and that she was always so polite. I'm not sure there is a greater compliment to a parent than to brag on their kid. She is a good girl. She overcame a lot of hardships and rough times when we moved to Hawaii. It's made her stronger and more independent. I don't worry nearly as much about her as I did the other two when they left home. She can take care of herself. I will miss her terribly though.
Here is a photo of her starting through the food line with some of her co-workers. Notice all the lovely food!

Here is a close up of the one of the plates at our table. We used chopsticks. That's what they do in Hawaii. I will miss the food here.


Jane said...

The food looks amazing. I'm certain your daughter is a proud to have you as parents are you are of her!
I hope your move goes smoothly for you.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Congrats to Nick - it's always nice to get an "attaboy."

That plate looks amazing!

JG said...

I love real Thai food! A friend of mine had her Thai inlaws cater my bridal shower. It was the best!!

Congrats to Nick! :)

Ordinary Mom said...

WOW I wanna come to Hawaii and eat with you!