Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Creative Husband

Remember this picture?
That picture is the TV we kept back from our other household goods for our enjoyment as we camp out in this house for around three weeks. The lovely cardboard box was my genius, engineer husband's idea of a TV stand. It was working. About an hour after I posted the update about this TV, it died. I was watching it, and it just went off. I was sitting in an empty house awaiting loaner furniture, the water was off because of a leak in the neighborhood and the TV went dead. We are a TV family. The day before this photo was taken, we had sent 5...count 'em, FIVE TVs to our next duty station. We had one in all three bedrooms, the lanai/family room, and the kitchen. This particular one had been in our bedroom. I couldn't help but laugh that the ONE TV we kept behind, went kaput less than 24 hours after the others had been packed and shipped.
We had discussed getting a new TV for the bedroom, so this was a good time to do it. As we left the house, we loaded up a few boxes of things to donate to the thrift shop here on the Army post. We get to the donation area of the thrift shop, unload our stuff, and I get back in the car. My husband walks around the building and comes back in a little bit with a TV. I was shocked! I asked him what in the world was he thinking taking a TV someone had donated to the shop. He says to me, "There are four back there, we'll bring it back when we're done."  He loads it up, walks back around the building and comes back with some kind of stand. He loads that and I'm looking around for the MPs. (Military Police) Now, the thrift shop was closed.  But I had seen the manager lurking around the other side of the building when we pulled up. I know the manager. He's the husband of one of the female officer's in Nick's office. When the manager walks around and sees us, Nick is forced to tell him what we'd done. Lucky for us the guy knew us and didn't really care. He was actually laughing at us.  We assured him we'd bring it back when we were finished.

We get it home, and a 10.00 cable later, we have it hooked up and are enjoying it. It has a big crack in the plastic around the screen and has a less than perfect picture. But it works for us!
Here is the new set-up:

Lovely, isn't it? I'm not sure you can tell, but the stand is very flimsy and leans a little toward the left. I hope it all hangs on until the 25th when we can move out of here and into a hotel.
One more note that proves the creativity of my husband.
He likes to drink rum with club soda. I don't know why, but it's his drink of choice. He will add fruit juice sometimes or a cherry, orange slices, etc if he feels like living on the edge. The other night, I see this drink:

What is the blue substance? It's an ice pop. When we were packing out we found half a box of unfrozen ice pops. Nick threw them in the freezer thinking we shouldn't waste them. That blue in the drink is an ice pop. See below:

He is nothing if not entertaining. There's never a dull moment around here.


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

The TV idea is pretty genius. It would be a shame to buy a brand new one and have it broken in transit. Besides - you're just borrowing. :)

As for the ice pop? Well, I'd want to know where it had been before the freezer. That plastic could be dusty!

TheAlbrechtSquad said...

Your husband cracks me, never underestimate the creativity of an Army man, lol