Monday, June 28, 2010

Start of the Transition

Two days ago we moved from our house to the Hale Koa hotel right on Waikiki beach. After two weeks on a cheap double bed, we were thrilled to be on a hotel bed. I have slept so well and have taken naps two days in a row. It’s a shame naps are wasted on the very young who don’t appreciate them.
Friday night we wandered down to the Barefoot Bar right here at the hotel on the beach. There is live entertainment, lots of waitresses walking around making sure you don’t get thirsty, and the hotel next door shoots off fireworks on Friday nights. We went to bed shortly after that. We were exhausted! Even the kid had her pajamas on around 8:30.
Saturday, Nick and I went back to the house to do the final clean up. I’m so glad to have that behind me. We are scheduled to clear housing completely on Monday morning.
Saturday night Callie hung out with friends so Nick and I just started wandering down the strip. We ended up at Rum Fire bar at the Sheraton. I had been there before, when Nick was gone, so I was anxious to share it with him. They have great live music and fantastic drinks and appetizers. We sat through two drinks each and lots of music. You could see Diamond Head from this place and the setting was beyond beautiful. Here is a photo of our view.

Today we decided we’d be pool bums. We left Callie sleeping and headed down to the snack bar on our way to the pool. We grabbed a breakfast sandwich and had it poolside. We stayed for several hours, had another snack and ended back upstairs for our afternoon nap.
This evening we walked over to Buffalo Wild Wings, one of our favorite places to eat and play trivia. Here's a photo of me with the kid:

Here are a few photos I've taken as we've walked around and enjoyed the last few days.

The view from our room.

Beautiful ginger.

I'll miss the fragrance of the Plummeria.

The Hale Koa Mai Tai ::::sigh::::


Peppermint Ph.D. said...

Naps are indeed incredibly wasted on the young! I think if the adults of the world had mandatory naptime, there would be less war, less hate, less cheating, etc...all of the world's travesties are caused by cranky grown people.

Hope all goes well with your clearing...nice that you have a couple of days to just rest before moving on to the next step. ENJOY! You deserve it!

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

BTW Beautiful picture of you and the kid ;)

Java said...

What gorgeous pics! How lucky you are to be able to see that in person!!

I love the things that you don't skimp on! You sound like a girl after my own heart!