Monday, August 30, 2010

Routine and a Weekly Menu

There is nothing like chaos to make me crave routine. My life has been full of chaos for months now and I'm so ready for routine I can taste it.
This move has kicked my butt and I am still struggling to find a schedule and routine here.
Nick is in full swing of his school now, so that's step one in setting up the schedule. He's out the door by 7:30 and this is a very good thing. Alex's schedule is a little more crazy with two a day football practice every other day for a week, once a day the other days, and then last week having only afternoon practice. This week he's back to afternoon practice only and starts school on Thursday. FINALLY! I can't wait to have everyone out of my house by 8:00 and be able to get some things done.
Another step I take toward routine is to make a weekly menu. It makes grocery shopping easier and it frees up precious brain power daily. After last week's crazy week of moving Callie into her dorm and five days of fast food and junk food, I am craving a normal menu as well.
This week's menu:
Sunday- Taco Soup with Cornbread
Monday- Roast beef with potatoes, carrots and spinach
Tuesday-Roasted chicken breasts with Pomegranate and chipotle sauce (thank you tastefully simple), rice and roasted asparagus
Wedneday- Leftovers
Thursday- homemade pizzas
Friday morning Alex's mother flies in for the weekend. I have no idea where she's staying or what her plans are because she's chosen not to share them. She's flying into Boston and I don't know if she plans to stay up there, or is driving down here. Alex keeps saying "I think she's going to look for a place to stay here in the area"  I truly hope she has already booked a room because this is a huge tourist area and it is Labor Day weekend. Every hotel and Inn has been booked here all summer.
 I also hope she realizes the boy has school on Friday and won't be available until late afternoon. She hasn't bothered to inquire of his football schedule or if he needs to be anywhere over the weekend. I'm dreading this weekend because of her visit, but trying to remain positive because we will be kid free and it's our sixth anniversary.
So, in spite of my excitement of routine coming back, after writing this I realize that my routine really won't start until next week. Ex-wife coming to town = chaos to me. Prayers please that I keep it together.


Expat Girl said...

Good luck with that !!

JG said...

I hear what you mean about needing routine! We haven't had a "routine" since last October! I'll be praying that you have a nice, relaxing weekend.

Anonymous said...

Please dear lord, bless my friend Paula to remember her "bless your hearts" this weekend. You will get through it with grace I am sure.
lynn s/w

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Sooo . . . hypothetically speaking: if the ex can't find a place to stay and ends up on your couch would that ruin your anniversary?

Paula said...

Thanks ladies for the kind words and positive thoughts. I will try to remain a lady through this weekend. She will make it easier if she steers clear of me.
Mindee.. you're funny. I will pay for her to stay at a hotel before she sleeps in my house. Oh my goodness, that would be the end of me!

Michelle said...

Oh dear me! I don't do well with not knowing things, especially if ex's are involved. God bless you this weekend. I'm looking forward to Tuesday's meal, sounds yummy.