Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I realized that I may have sounded very negative in my last post. I was having a hard time with unpacking way too much stuff in a small house and the fact that our movers had been careless with our belongings.
I'm not really a negative person. I have always looked for the positive and usually can find it easily. This post will be positive and will point out things for which I'm grateful.
I live in a beautiful place. It IS a small house, but it faces the water! I have a beautiful view and I listen to seagulls and Canadian geese every time I walk outside. I live in a fourplex, but we are in the only occupied unit, so it's like having four yards instead of one. We have even "borrowed" one of the outdoor storage units temporarily until we sort through everything.
We can afford to buy replacement things while we wait for the Army and the moving company to fight over how much will be paid and how long it will take.
We have custody of the boy my husband has ached to have with him for years. It's a wonderful opportunity to give him the benefits of living with two loving parents, a gift every child should be given automatically, but aren't.
I have my daughter here for two weeks and am financially able to fly back to Texas with her and get her set up in her dorm.
I have a husband willing to do a job that so many can't do. He risks his life to protect what's precious in this country and because of that we can afford to live the way we do and we have a roof over our heads, without paying for any untilities or taking care of a yard.
I could go on and on but I think I have covered enough to feel good about my situation.
I'm now going into my kitchen to make pizzas for my family and then I'm dragging them and the two dogs down to "my beach" to look for sea glass. I'm truly blessed.


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Thanks for the reminder to count the blessings. I need to go do that right now.

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

how wonderful it is that the simplest things in life can make us truly happy...:)

Michelle said...

I think given the circumstances you earned a good rant. Glad to hear you are back to your happy positive self.

JG said...

Sounds like you are living a blessed life. :)