Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Move-In Day

After weeks of preparation and 19 (almsot 20) years of growing and maturing, my Callie moved out today. I won't lie, it was stressful and exciting all at the same time.
We started out with a meeting with her financial counselor. The FAFSA application we put in for the pell grant is STILL being verified and there is no answer. The nice lady says "It sure looks like she's eligible for the full Pell, but no guarantees"  Meanwhile, the first payment of tuition was due yesterday. Guess what came out of our savings?
After that we swung over to the residence hall and grabbed the big orange bin to move her stuff in.

Clearly, she's not happy with me and the camera.
We get into the room and the reality of three girls in a room designed for two is really crowded. I won't go into detail but it was a bit stressful and we left two hours later with a dejected college student. We had to re-group and redesign our plan. We were off to Walmart to get plastic drawers and some other storage solutions.

Once again, she's not happy with me. This was taken with my phone because she wouldn't let me pull out the camera.
After we spent way too much money and had some lunch, we felt refreshed, renewed and re-energized. We hit the dorm parking lot and snagged one of these....again...

When we got back to her room, things were much calmer. The girls got together and divided up the space and were doing so well at working together. I was so proud. Callie truly is blessed to have two sweet girls in her room with her. I spent a few minutes putting together this little jewel.

Yes, I'm using baby scissors instead of a screwdriver. I didn't have a screwdriver. If there's one thing Army wives are good at is adapting. I'm not sure if my engineer husband would be proud of this or if he would cringe.

It's lovely, is it not?
I sat as Callie was putting her clothes away and chatting with her roommate (one had gone off with friends) and I realized, I'm the fifth wheel. I need to leave her with "C" to go exploring. They had already made plans to attend the block party/BBQ and I knew I didn't need to be there. I left her and made my way to the jiffy lube to get her car serviced and inspected so I can get Texas tags for it tomorrow.
I will hit the DMV in the morning. Please send positive thoughts and prayers that the stars are all aligned and the DMV gods are smiling on me.
I'm proud of Callie, but a little sad that she doesn't need me. But then, isn't that what I've been preparing her for these last 20 years?


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Those bins are a genius idea. I wish I had had one of those when I was moving in and out of dorms and apartments.

This is a huge step - I'm excited for y'all!

Scatterbrain said...

Good luck at the DMV! Sounds like you guys had a hectic but successful day! :) I hope Callie realizes how lucky she is to have a mom around that is willing to help her out so much

USMCWIFE said...

My friend Tracey said the same thing happened to her daughter and UNCW and our University over sold the dorms as well but luckily for us they opened an upperclassman dorm for freshman. I know how hard it is for young ladies to be so squeezed in so close. My friend was told it was temporary for her daughter I hope the same goes for yours. Funny how all moving in day pics with the kids look the same..what's with the not liking the camera??? LOL