Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hot Fun in the Summer Time

Ok, so it's not really hot. It is summer, but has not been hot this last week. As a matter of fact, my thin blooded daughter and myself have been chilly at times. That will all change as a weather system comes in and brings humidity. Oh how I hate the humidity. It's one bad hair day after another.
We've had some great family time the last few days. On Thursday night we took the water taxi into town and had a night out. We had dinner at a wonderful Irish pub, walked around the beautiful little town of Newport, then had ice cream while we waited for the water taxi to take us back home.
Nick and the kids on the water taxi. How lovely. Callie was already chilly.

Me with my girl as we walked around and waited for the water taxi.

We asked a nice stranger to take a photo of the four of us. It would be perfect if Alex was smiling. He is this way in almost EVERY SINGLE PICTURE we take.
Friday night was a potluck here in the neighborhood. It was the first neighborhood gathering we've been part of since we moved here. I have to say, these military families know how to throw a party. With only two days notice, we threw together a fabulous potluck with amazing food, games for the kids, and lots of wine and conversation for the ladies. What were the men doing? I don't quite remember. I think they were gathered around the coolers, drinking beer and talking about their upcoming school year and the best way to drive to base and avoid the horrible tourist traffic in Newport.
Quick facts to catch you up:  My husband and the others in the 'hood are here to attend a year of school. We don't live ON base, but in military housing in another area of town, thus the driving reference.
No photos of the potluck but good times were had by all, new friends were made, and lots of teasing because the women all had jackets or sweatshirts on by the end of the evening. Callie met lots of girls here that she is looking forward to re-connecting with during Christmas vacation. Yay!
Last night we had family night at home. We had dinner together here, then gathered 'round the firepit for s'mores and good times. I love nights like these.

Taken WITH the flash on. Lovely, aren't they? Oh my, Alex is smiling!

Taken without the flash so you can see the flames. Look at dorkboy with his socks on. Oy, this is an ongoing battle with us. "Don't wear your socks outside or I'll make you do all your own laundry!!!" 

Roasting marshmallows for s'mores. Oh look, he took his socks off. I'll probably find them in the backyard somewhere later today.

This was his face most of the evening. Shoving s'mores down his throat. I've never seen a kid eat so many so quickly. I could only eat two, they are wayyyy sweet.
Today the kids are meeting friends for a trip down to the beach here in the neighborhood. It looks like I'm headed to the commissary for groceries and my studious husband has a paper to write. This evening is the first football meeting for Alex. He has never played football before. He has never played a team sport before. Anyone else see challenges coming?


Peppermint Ph.D. said...

Socks are the bane of my laundry existence. I swear there is a sock gnome who lives in our house and runs around hiding socks just to confuse me. To keep my sanity I had to finally just announce that I would wash all the socks, but everyone is in charge of matching up all their socks...there's only so much a mom can do! :)
Family night looks so much fun! I live for nights like that when everybody is home. It doesn't happen very often but when it does, memories are made :)

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I gotta say - I admire Alex for trying. Moving to a new state to live with a different set of parents, attending a different school AND trying the football thing? The kid has guts.

Your potluck sounds fun. YOU have guts for attending and making nice with strangers all night. That's the scenario that gives me hives. :)

Anonymous said...

maybe he tossed his socks into the fire and burned them up