Sunday, August 8, 2010

Getting Settled

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a week since my last post. It seemed like it took forever to get our household goods, and then after they arrived, time has flown!
Our stuff finally arrived on Tuesday morning. It was bittersweet, because as they are pulling stuff off the truck, I'm realizing how little will fit into this "cozy" home, and how much is broken.
I posted about how much fun our Hawaiian packers/movers were. I was amazed at how fast they packed and loaded our stuff. Now I know why. They rushed through, they didn't pack well and my stuff was treated like it wasn't important.
I'm not a materialistic person. I don't really have expensive or nice things. Nick and I have made a decision to buy our really nice things after we stop moving around with the Army. Don't get me wrong, I do have things I'm attached to and would like to keep, but, for the most part, my stuff is just stuff and can be replaced.
The first thing that came off the truck damaged was a pine sofa table that I had bought years ago on my own. No big deal, I'll replace it.

 Then there was the Mexican pottery planter that a good friend gave me. I was a little sad about that because of sentimental reasons. Next was the bookshelf I had in a closet for storage. It was a cheapie and it was no big loss.

Is it any wonder this broke? It was stuffed full of heavy items and then shipped.
 Then there was a ball of paper that had been just added to a crate and not in a box. One of the boys unwrapped it for me and it was a resin cherub that my sister gave me years ago and it was crushed. That really made me sad. I've had it outside of every house I've lived in since she gave it to me. It was probably very inexpensive but I'm a sentimental slob and it bothered me.
The day went on and we found more and more things damaged or completely broken. My washing machine, my couch, my oak dresser. I won't go into details, but anyone with a little common sense would have known this stuff wouldn't make that trip having been packed that way.
My in-laws arrived Tuesday evening and we unpacked a little and played a lot. We ate a lot of seafood and did many scenic drives.
Yesterday, they went home and we got back to work. We worked like dogs yesterday. It was a power unpacking day and we really got lots done.
I had my meltdown yesterday. It was bound to happen with the stress of figuring what needs to be stored, finding places for the things I really "must" keep, and finding more and more broken things.
I was unpacking the guest room/Callie's room. I was putting some of her things out so she'd feel at home and found a heart shaped bowl she made in a pottery class a long time ago. It was broken. She had coins in it and a few other heavy things while it was in her room. The movers took it.. full of the heavy items, and wrapped it in paper to move it. Even I know that heavy items will put stress on a container as it's being shipped across an ocean and a continent. I lost it. I started crying and saying "People really should be careful with someone else's things." I said it over and over a few times when Nick finally hugged me and apologized. I think he feels guilty sometimes that our lives our so mobile and it's not always "normal"
Today I'm hanging pictures and curtains. I still have boxes to unpack but I needed some things on the wall to make me feel good. Besides, it gets those items out of my way.
Here are a few photos from the last few days.

I'm not sure it shows, but there is a big dent just above the knob. Now the knob doesn't turn well and I see a new washing machine in my future at the movers' expense.

This piece of glass goes in my china cabinet. Now I can't finish unpacking the dining room until this is replaced.

Steamers! They call these "little neck clams" I'm not sure what that means but they were delicious!

Steamer just before I ate it!

Stuffed quahogs. Aka "stuffies"  These are delicious!!

Three generations. My husband, his father and his son. Alex insisted they be in order of age. I think it's just precious that even at 15, Alex still leans in toward his dad for a photo.
My girl flies in tomorrow for two weeks. I miss her already and can't wait to see her!!


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I'm thinking that all that trauma definitely adds up to a new washer - a front loading new washer. And of course a new dryer to match. ;)

Glad you're getting settled. I hope there aren't any more "surprises."

Renee said...

Paula, I am so saddened for you that some of your personal things are broken and were treated as less than important! Big HUG to you!!!

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

so aggravating and soooooo sad that your things were broken...I'm with Mindee though...sounds like a good excuse to buy some new stuff although I know new stuff won't touch the sentimentality of the things you've lost. Hang in there. Moving is such a pain. I'm glad you're back though...I was getting concerned ;)

Michelle said...

i am sorry for the lack of respect shown to your possessions. i would have been alright with the washer but not when it comes to sentimental items. stay strong as you finish your unpacking.
enjoy your time with Callie!

USMCWIFE said...

Well I know how you feel about the stuff, when they cracked our crate they had heavy boxes packed on top of our flat screen tv and of course our screen was scratched. And trying to get hold of the movers is impossible, no one answers so we are going to legal. I haven't opened all my boxes but as I do I am sure there will be more dissapointment. Like you we haven't purchased expensive furniture for the same reasons but I have things that can not be replaced.
My son is leaving for college this Sat..ugh, my emotions are so raw and right on the surface, yesterday we came across some photos of his second birthday and I just couldn't look at them, it is just too hard to go back right now.
I hope everything else goes well with your move and your daughter gets home soon.

Michelle said...

I am feeling your pain right now. Our movers broke almost all of my dishes and the beautiful antique valet one of dh's squadron gave him when we left Italy and the list just goes on. I knew it was going to be a rough move since we were leaving Air War College and they were moving 600+ students (ACSC & AWC combined) over a 4 week period, but I never dreamed it would be this bad.