Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What's Going On?

My mind is a complete blank regarding something to write about, because, honestly, my mind is tired. So, I decided to write about why my mind is tired.
This is what's going on with me.
Besides the normal, breakfast, lunch, dinner, football practice, laundry, dogs and family.
This little jewel was delivered on Monday.
It's not fancy and it wasn't expensive. After the move we just experienced, I have decided to save my money on nice things for when we retire and stop moving. My husband did a spectacular job picking this out. It's easy to operate and has a HUGE capacity. I do lots of laundry so I appreciate that.
This is my kitchen table right now:

I'm still doing paperwork regarding Callie's scholarships and financial aid. It needs to kick in soon because we are spending money hand over fist. The calendar is out because I was making appointments for doctors visits, etc. The medical bill is there because we were overcharged for a sports physical and it took two phone calls to straighten it out. That's why I scribbled all over the bill. I keep notes for every phone call. The other folder sitting open is Alex's paperwork for school. We met with the counselor yesterday (finally) and got his schedule hammered out. School starts tomorrow and I think we're ready.
It's unusually warm up here in New England. I would go as far as to say it's hot outside. Before you people in the south judge me, look around. Do you have central air conditioning? If the answer is yes, then ask for forgiveness for the judgement.
Here's what I have downstairs:

That window AC is my friend right now. It's why I spend most of my time right here:

It's obvious that's my favorite place right now because of the laptop on the ottoman and the drink on the side table. (and the dog, always at my side)
I try to avoid the upstairs part of my house right now. Here's why:

and this:

Those fans are very nice when it's..oh, in the 70s outside. However, when it's 94, not so much.
With the college girl stress, the football boy's schedule and first day of school looming, not to mention the heat and everyday chores, is it any wonder I'm counting down to 5:00 for this?

Tomorrow, after the kids have been sent away to mold their little minds, my neighbors and I are going to hit the town for some much needed retail therapy and lunch. I can't wait! Don't tell my husband, he thinks we're on a money diet.


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Just remind him that retail therapy is cheaper than the other kind. Hope things settle down for you soon.

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

No judgement from this Southern AC!!!! Horror of all horrors!! Just to give you some idea of how much we LOVE central air, my electric bill was $450.00 last month and I did not care one iota! I don't do hot very well.
Hang in there!

USMCWIFE said...

Wow, after reading your blog post my problems all of a sudden do not seem as on a side note I see you have everything completely under control. They don't call us superwoman for nothing, us few, us Milspouses.

Michelle said...

You are definitely due for some retail therapy. My family doesn't do well with the heat, I enjoy it. I have an alarm set on my phone so I remember to shut all the windows and turn on the AC before they get home. They get cranky! We also have a cheap dryer until we are settled. *pout*