Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our New Digs

If you didn't catch the entry where I posted photos of the empty house, check it out here: The "New" House
Yesterday, I took photos of what we've done so far. It's still a work in progress but you can see I'm making some headway!
The living room and dining room are one long room. This was taken on the dining room end where the sliding glass door leading to the backyard is located. I didn't take a shot of the full dining room yet, because it's a wreck.

That cord in the floor is to my laptop which I thought I had so cleverly hidden behind the ottoman. Little did I know the cord was there!
Here is a shot of the couch (notice the right cushion all smashed down, thank you movers, I get a new sofa)
Someone PLEASE tell me how I'm supposed to hang a picture (or two) above this sofa with that big old thermostat placed right there in the middle? I'm struggling with the long walls and division of two spaces in one and hanging our artwork.
This is one side of the dining room. I will have to move the buffet down and center it below the picture, because I'm NOT re-hanging the picture. I am married to an engineer and hanging pictures around here is quite a project. It involves levels and measuring, etc. When I hang a picture, I eyeball and it move it several times if it's not right. Leaving little holes in the walls drives my OCD guy crazy!!


Here are a couple of shots of the kitchen. It's still a mess but I decided to leave the chaos out there for you
so you know how human I am!

Quite a difference from when it was empty, huh?

These two walls are still a work in progress. As I'm finding more of my Hawaiian stuff to display, I'm hanging it in here. (OCD/engineer man informed me that my Waikiki sign was pointing the wrong way)

Here are a couple of shots of the powder room downstairs. I've put my Americana stuff in here. Being married to a Soldier, we have lots of Americana stuff. I've got a few pieces in other areas as well.

Here is the front door and entry way from my living room.

And here we have the front door. Does anyone else think this looks like a trailer???  It's actually a row house with four units and mine is the second one in. It's nothing to brag about on the outside, but baby does it have a view!
Last but not least, is this shot I took of Callie outside reading her book. Notice the dogs out there with her. They love being outside here. It must be the nice weather and the sound of the sea gulls!

Notice the water just beyond that fence? It's lovely!


Bethany said...

I love your house!! You've done a great job of decorating so far. I'm sorry the movers did such a crappy job of packing, but at least you get a new couch out of it :) I'm secretly praying that will happen to us so we can finally get rid of my husband's bachelor couches...they are so uncomfortable! I'm so jealous you have a view of the water from your backyard!! We're about to be landlocked in Oklahoma, so I'm super, super, super jealous :) Enjoy!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

It's looking like a home! And I have no decorating advice for you. Trust me: you wouldn't want it!

JG said...

I think it looks amazing! I love your style. :)

Anonymous said...

It is looking good. We are in the process of redoing the master bedroom, I can't get motivated to clean out my closet! You have been going, going, going!
What if you put one of those shallow shelf things that people have been using lately right above the thermostat and then decorate the shelf or set a picture on the self?

Michelle said...

you gave me a chuckle with your Dh's process to hanging pictures, that is so me. my Dh eyeballs it and it drives me insane. *lol* your home is looking great! love the americana.