Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The "New" House

Ok, let me preface this post by saying that I am not that high maintenance. I have lived in some very humble places and I really don't need much to be happy.
Sunday we drove down to Newport to check out the housing. We found our house, walked around outside, met the next door neighbor who's moving in a week, and found the door unlocked so we walked in.
Y'all..this house is small. It's plain and it's old. Oy... there is no way I can get all my stuff in here, in spite of it being a four bedroom house.
Yesterday, we signed the lease and got our keys. That was our sign to go to Wal-Mart, the commissary and the Navy Exchange to buy stuff. It's amazing how much stuff you have to buy again every time you move. We unloaded the stuff in the house, dropped off a few suitcases and headed back to the lodge to spend our last night.
We arrived back at our house this morning expecting our unaccompanied baggage, aka "hold baggage" and the cable guy.
Unaccompanied baggage, for those of you not familiar, is a small shipment of stuff you use when you move overseas to camp out at one end or the other. I kept it back in Hawaii so I could live while we had loaner furniture. Little did I know it would arrive in Newport before my big shipment that left on 9 June. Go figure.
So, hold baggage is here, cable is hooked up and we have internet and phone service.
I called the moving company about our main shipment. She calls me back in a bit with "Your stuff has arrived in the area and they have scheduled you for delivery on 3 August."  What???? 3 August??? My in-laws are coming on the second! Help me!
My sweet husband spent an hour on the phone going up the chain with movers and the advocates in the Navy here who are supposed to fight things like this for us. We got nothing. Oh wait, we're first on the list if someone cancels. Really? Someone is going to cancel their move? Give me a break.
I pouted, bitched and moaned for a while, then put my smile back on... I have a 15 year old watching me now and we went furniture shopping.
We bought a kitchen table set, a TV stand and some bedroom furniture for the boy. My husband knows how to knock me out of a funk.. shopping!
After a trip to the commissary and 200.00 worth of groceries we came home to make pizzas. Remember, we have no furniture so we sat on the block wall in the backyard to eat. It was cooler out there (it's so freakin humid here I may melt, but that's another post)
Guess what the view is from my backyard?  Here ya go:
I can do this for a year..right?
Here are a few photos of our house before anything was delivered. I'll post befores and afters when we finally get our stuff and get unpacked.

This is the view from my kitchen sink. It's our "cooling" system. Did I mention the humidity? Did you get how I'm melting? I have one of these in the kitchen and one in the living room right now. I'll be dragging those suckers upstairs into the bedrooms in a few hours.
The upside of this house? Besides the view? This bad boy:

I love cooking with gas. I'm very excited.
Until we get our household goods we are sleeping on twin sized air mattresses that we borrowed from Fleet and Family Services. God bless 'em for having a lending closet. Tomorrow I'll call to see about a couple of folding chairs. Sitting on the floor to cruise the internet and watch TV will get very old very soon.

Right now it's raining outside with rolling thunder and occasional lightening. I love a good thunderstorm. I should sleep well tonight. Well, if I don't roll off the air mattress. Pray for me y'all.. pray that someone cancels their move tomorrow!!!


Nikki D said...

JEALOUS! I would LOVE a gas stove.
Other than that...your house looks like mine...only bigger...and was that carpet I saw? Really? You got carpet...nice. =D
Am NOT jealous of you having to be without AC though. Actually feeling REALLY bad for you right now (I hate humidity, too.) I'd die with out mine...altho you're a bit more, uh, north.

LOVE THE VIEW! (Is that a trade off for the space maybe?) Upside to starting lower enlisted-I'm pretty sure they can not logistically have a smaller house than this apartment! (Good gracious! I can not WAIT for him to get accepted to OCS...!)

USMCWIFE said...

I too was excited about the gas range, been a long time so I can't wait to get cooking on it again. I am pretty happy with our house, I will post pics tomorrow when I have a more reliable internet that will allow me to upload. Our shipment is coming Friday so kinda happy about that. So looks like we will be kinda getting our "homes" together at the same time. Look forward to hearing your stories!

USMCWIFE said...

Oh ya, and we have carpet too! Nice carpet which surprised me!

Michelle said...

Welcome Home!
It’s not small it’s cozy. ;o)
We had an awesome thunderstorm here last night and now our humidity seems to be finally gone. It will be a nice break to have the windows open and AC off. I want central air.
Loving your water view, it is beautiful. I’ll be praying that someone cancels their move for you. I can’t believe the wait time for your belongings.

Anonymous said...

3 weeks! AUGH!
The view is good.
Hope the boy adjusts well. At least he has furniture!
Those fans really so help a lot, we have some at our house. Splurge and buy some for upstairs too. What a pain to have to haul them around. Remember this heat come February :)

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

You should personally be getting hazardous duty pay for putting up with all of this. I do like your kitchen though and the view is pretty.

JG said...

That is a great view. :) Sorry about the furniture. You never know, though. People's orders change. You could get lucky. Fingers crossed!