Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Morning Walk

These are photos I took this morning as we walked our dogs right here around our house.

Canadian Geese. We scared them off the lawn right outside our house. They certainly can make some noise when they start honking!

As we walked on around the point this was the view off to my right.

This was the view to my left. This is the old "Fort Adams" from the Revolutionary War. It's a state park now, and my house is on this state park.

We walked on around on the water front and this was a shot I took from the road above.

This beautiful bush was right along the road. Does anyone know what it is? It has beautiful pink blossoms before they turn to these large berries.

There are beautiful wildflowers all along the road beside the water.

We walked down to this beach to look for sea glass.

We dig right among the high tide line which is easy to see because of the sea weed left behind. There are some beatiful smooth rocks on these beaches too.

The wiener dog who thinks she's a mountain goat. She's having so much fun exploring the rocks and beaches.

The sea glass we've found the last two mornings. I'm finding it very therapeutic to dig through the rocks and shells to find these treasures. I'm going to put them in a beautiful jar in my house when I finally get my furniture.


JG said...

That looks like a perfect walk!

Anonymous said...

We find sea glass on a Lake Superior beach, love that stuff.
The flower might be some sort of a wild rose and the berry things are rose hibs...that is my guess.
Beautiful scenery!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I'm finding it just a tad unfair that you got to move from Hawaii to a place just as beautiful.


I've got corn. And cows.

Paula said...

Aww but Mindee, you have your forever house. I can't wait to have that.

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

Love the weiner dog that thinks it's a mountain goat! :) I've never seen sea glass...very pretty!

Michelle said...

How do you get anything accomplished there? I think I would always be outside, love your view. You'll have to share with us how you display your treasures.