Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Update

We have had a great weekend. I had decided we would spend Saturday as a family, even if it meant running errands and doing some shopping. Alex was less than thrilled at the idea, but he had a good time anyway.
Saturday morning started out with some cinnamon bread in my new bread machine. I prepared the ingredients on Friday night, set the timer and we awakened to the smell of bread baking. YUM. Since Saturday is our "cheat day" on the diet, Nick and I enjoyed plenty of bread. Needless to say, by the time we left the house around 10:15 AM, there was no bread left.
Our closest Sam's Club is closing for renovations and is having a huge clearance sale so we headed there first. We have been looking at flat screen TVs to slowly get rid of the remainder of the old tube televisions in our house. We played with the idea of getting one of their outstanding deals, but in the end, just couldn't spend the money.
As we were driving through town, we saw a LAZ Boy gallery and decided to take a look around.
We have been throwing around the idea of new furniture for a while now but haven't agreed on anything. The furniture we have now was Nick's bachelor furniture and while it was functional and attractive enough, it's worn out. It reclines (which I hate) and after several moves, it's just all beat up. We lucked out and found this sofa on sale.

The fabric is from last year's collection and they are clearing it out. We also bought the love seat, a chair and an ottoman. Normally I would not want a whole set that matched. I like to mix it up a little, BUT it was that good a deal. We agreed to take the chair and ottoman upstairs to Nick's office and leave the other two pieces in the living room with the leather chair and ottoman we already have. I'm so excited to have new furniture. It's to be delivered on Friday. I think I'll buy some fabric and make a few colorful throw pillows to jazz it up a bit.
One of my biggest concerns with getting new furniture is this.

This is Cleo. She likes the sun. She also likes to sneak up on my furniture when we leave the house. Cleo is a funny dog, but she stinks and I don't want her on my new furniture.
She has a nice comfy little bed. She loves her bed.

She even has a pink blankie that she likes to be under when she sleeps.

That doesn't mean she won't abandon her snuggly bed for my new couch when I'm not looking. Fortunately, I have little gadgets we call "squealers" we can put on the furniture. They are motion detectors and squeal loudly when they are disturbed. One squeal and Cleo remembers her little bed and jumps down. It keeps her down for a good long time. We'll be using those again very soon.
After furniture shopping we set out looking for lunch. We had decided to go to Hooters for fried pickles and hot wings. However, as we were driving, we saw an "On the Border" Mexican restaurant. Nick and I both go excited!  We rarely eat Mexican food even though it's one of my favorites. In Hawaii there was no good Mexican food and since we've been here, we just haven't seen much of it.
We whipped in there and started enjoying chips and salsa. I had a yummy margarita, enchiladas and a taco. I left so full we didn't eat dinner at home last night.
Today we went to church, hit the commissary and have been puttering around at home. It's been a nice weekend. I'm feeling very relaxed!

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Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Congrats on your new furniture - what a mood lifter!

I love, love, love On The Border. I worked at one when we were first married and I still crave their salsa.