Monday, January 24, 2011

Dr's Appointment and a Spa Visit

What a combination!
As I mentioned the other day, I'm determined to do a little something about skincare on my face. My son is getting married this summer and I have decided on a full body makeover.. at least what I can do without much effort :)
I'm eating healthy, trying to lose some  weight, and will start exercising at some point.  However, I have a boo boo foot that needs to be fixed before I can do any serious exercise. I'm not sure I've mentioned the boo boo foot until now, but it does exist. It's been a pain for the last several years. To make a long story short, I saw three different podiatrists in Hawaii, had numerous injections only to be here .. still in pain.
I love the doctor here at the Naval Station Clinic. I told him I had been dealing with this for over four years and he immediately said "It's time for surgery"  Today, I scheduled my surgery. It is tentatively set for 17 March, just after my trip to Texas for JD and Meghan's wedding shower. (and the day after my birthday)
So, I'm feeling good about the foot.
I scheduled a facial for today. Not just any facial.. but a "Rock of Ages" facial. I think that's cool talk for old lady who needs wrinkle help facial. John was the guy who gave me my treatment. Let me just say... John was fabulous!!
I went to SpaVana which is just up the road a bit. I got their information in a welcome packet given to me by the Naval Officers Spouse's Club. I'm so glad I acted on that little brochure.
For 100.00 I received a treatment of a mini peel, Dermabrasion, a Power Serum, half body massage and just over all pampering. (for almost an hour and a half) I absolutely loved it and have scheduled my next visit.
John assures me that after a few visits I will be glowing. He gave me a little packet of night cream for tonight, but approved my normal skin care products for going forward from here. The one piece of advice he gave me on the drier skin was to exfoliate more often and with a GOOD scrub, not a cheapie. He said my Arbonne would work very well.
Ladies, invest in yourselves. Youth doesn't last forever and if you neglect your skin, as I have for many years, you will pay the price.
John said I look good for 45 (almost 46) and he thought I was younger. It earned him a 40.00 tip :)
I'm feeling good tonight and looking forward to the rest of my busy week.


JG said...

The old adage about an ounce of prevention is SO true in skin care! This isn't a commercial, but that's why I'm glad that, even though I never pursued it as a career, I got plugged into Mary Kay when I was a teenager. I learned so much about "preventative maintenance" :) and I know that I have a completely different skin care lifestyle than I would have had I not. Exfoliating is key, just be sure and use one or two really good moisturizers morning and night, too! (I'm sure he told you that. :))

I'm curious about the foot thing. My mom has had chronic heel pain for a few years now and gets those injections, but I know she'd be interested in a real, permanent solution.

Michelle said...

Surgery! *ouch* I hope it fixes and relives your pain. I deal with terrible heal pain. It feels like the muscles are pulled tight. I was giving exercises to do for it and sent on my way. This getting old is for the birds.
The spa sounds like heaven and you total deserved it. I know I need to exfoliate more often. One minute I'm doing great with my skin care and the next I'm all lazy.

Loopy said...

I'm glad you treated yourself to the facial. You deserve it! Did it hurt/burn?