Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More of the Same

It's Tuesday and I enjoyed the long weekend. Nick and Alex both had the day off so it was extra nice.
Friday night the three of us hit our favorite watering hole Pour Judgement and had some of their amazing house fries. I've mentioned these before, they are hand cut fries with a smoked gouda cheese sauce slathered on top. Oh my.. they are delicious. I crave them.
One of Nick's former company commanders was in town over the weekend with his fiance so we got to hit the town with them on Saturday night. We took them to another favorite local place, The Red Parrot where I had another delicious dish, Lobster Salad. This salad was not a mayonnaisey kind of salad it was a lovely green salad with huge chunks of lobster on top. I love that fresh seafood is readily available here. I will miss that when we leave.
Sunday, the same Army captain and same fiance visited us in our home to check out military housing. Turns out there is a good chance they will be here this summer to live for a year and are looking at houses. They brought me the most amazing gift that I will share in another post.
Yesterday, after laundry, homework, etc. we hit the local theater to see True Grit. What an awesome movie! It had been so long since I'd seen the original that I honestly don't remember it very well. I want to watch it again now. No one can replace John Wayne, but Jeff Bridges put his own spin on it, instead of trying to be John Wayne which wouldn't have been successful anyway, and did a fabulous job. Sorry for that rambling sentence, I just felt the need to say it that way!
My post title "More of the Same" is a description of the weather. Take a look.

This is the view from my dining room/living room sliding glass door again. More of the same. As you can see, there is a light dusting of new snow on the patio. What you can't see is the sleet that's falling now because the temperatures are slowly rising. By this afternoon it will be a cold, pouring down rain. Oh Joy. Just in time for me to load both dogs up and take them to the vet.
I can see where winter would get old. I am enjoying it now, but I will welcome spring when it comes.

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