Sunday, January 16, 2011

Not Feeling It/Weekly Menu

Wow, it's been a while since I posted. For some reason, I'm just not feeling it. It's not that I have nothing to say, I always have something to say, but I just can't make myself sit down and type it out. I'm really tired for some reason.. I wonder if it's winter?? 

I have a few photos to post of the last few days, but not sure I have one for every single day. I'm already falling behind on the Project 365!
We finally finished Alex's project and my dining room table is back to normal!
I'm so glad to have it behind us. It seems just as we finished one thing another comes up. Today he's working on regular Geometry homework and revisions on an English paper. For some reason, the dear boy is frustrated with me. I find myself in Drill Sergeant mode most of the time and frankly, I'm tired of my own voice and he is clearly, not listening. I've turned it all over to Nick and I'm taking a break. It's no wonder I'm tired.
These next few pictures I took two days in a row. These geese love the field just across from our house. I love watching them and taking photos. I think they are just beautiful on the snow and with the water in the background.

Nick and I are vowing to eat healthier for a bit. We both put on a few pounds over the holidays and neither one of us could really afford to do that. We have our son's wedding in June and I'd seriously like to look good in my mother of the groom dress. (not that I have one yet)
So, this week's menu is more carb light. I hate it.. but it's needed.
Monday: Pork Tenderloin, Green Beans and some kind of potato for Alex
Tuesday: Balsamic Glazed Salmon and sauteed spinach
Thursday: Flank steak fajitas
Friday: Turkey and white chili with corn muffins
That's as far as I've gotten so far. These meals aren't as easy as some of my slow cooker and GBP recipes, but I'll adjust. On the weekend we are allowing ourselves a little room to splurge but want to seriously eat better for a while. Wish me luck!


Peppermint Ph.D. said...

The geese are gorgeous!! I could sit and watch them for hours! I love the way the sunshine sparkles off the snow as well!
I get bored with my weekly menu as well...please don't forget to share recipes :)

Anonymous said...

The "just not feeling it" thing could totally be winter. Seasonal depression seems to come along with dull, grey winters!
Good luck on the eating better thing. It is hard some days, but totally worth it!
lynn s/w

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

As you know, I'm not feelin' it either. Winter is stupid. Good job with your menu. For healthy food, it all looks delicious.

Michelle said...

The blahs have hit here too. Ever since getting sick I just can't bounce back. Love the geese and you menu sounds yummy.

Scatterbrain said...

I find myself feeling tired for no apparent reason lately too.. I feel bad for expressing my tiredness in front of the husband who is constantly working. I'm hoping it's just the winter too. Those geese are beautiful! What a treat to have them so close to home. I could sit and watch them for hours. And, I am trying to make our menus a little lighter as well.. I gained more weight than I care to mention over the last few months with the PCS and then the holidays. Good luck to you! Maybe we will both find the will power to stick to it. :)