Thursday, July 8, 2010

On the Road Again

We have finished up most of our time in the DFW area and traveled to the central Texas area today to visit with my oldest daughter.
Have I mentioned yet how hot it is here? The humidity is killing my hair. My hair is crap anyway.. another story. I've been waiting for weeks now to get my hair done because I knew I'd be here, in Central Texas where my friend Jill can do my hair. Oh how I've missed Jill. I made my appointment way before I left Hawaii so she could do my color and cut. But I digress. Back to the journey.
We went to see the Texas Rangers play baseball last night and had a blast. (besides the heat..I almost had a heat stroke) It was a great game and we cheered like maniacs. I forgot the memory card for my camera (left it right here in the computer) so I got no pictures. Meghan had hers so I'm hoping she'll post some on facebook I can steal.
This morning we loaded up the dogs and headed south. My son and his future wife are traveling this weekend as well and couldn't dog sit for us. We have both of them in a hotel room here. It should be an interesting weekend.
The kids' grandfather needed a favor and we were happy to help. He owns a great car and needed someone to drive it back down to central TX. I volunteered. It is an Infinity and it is NICE. Nick, Callie and the dogs were in the rental and I relaxed in the luxury car. Life was good...until this started rolling in.
It continued to get worse.

Until it looked like this:

I only wanted to be able to see the little silver rental in front of me and when I couldn't, my wise husband pulled off the road. We sat like this until it cleared up a little. I didn't endanger anyone taking these photos. held the camera up and snapped!
We are checked into our hotel now. It's not Waikiki. Check out the view from our room.

Yes, those are cows.
Here is the view when Callie is out with the dog.

We're off to eat Pizza again. So many restaurants to hit, so little time. Bostons, here we come!
Tomorrow morning.. hair appointment with Jill. Can you hear me cheering??


Peppermint Ph.D. said...

Why is it so difficult to find someone to do our hair exactly the way we like it?? Drives me nuts! Gotta love those afternoon "showers" ;)

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Hair should definitely be prioritized. Good call.

Paula said...

Girls, you can't even know the hell I've been through with my hair the last four years. I can't wait to see Jill in another hour!!