Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Murphy Needs to GO!

This move seems to be dragging on forever. We started packing our stuff in Hawaii on the 7th of June. Here it is the 27th of July and we're still camping out. It's enough already.
Overseas moves are a pain. You have dogs, cars, stuff and kids to think about it and none of it's easy.
We flew our dogs early to spend a few weeks with our son in Texas. That was over $600.00. Now that we're in our house, we were ready for him to fly them on to Rhode Island. Another $600.00. That's not bad enough, he gets them to the airport and the guys says "This dog can't fly, his crate is too small"  Really??  He just flew in that crate on your airline a month ago...you helped me unload it!  After going around and around with this guy, Max got to fly. Whew.
The Army ships one vehicle for you and you pay for any others. We shipped our newest car to RI and shipped the other one to Texas for the girl to drive while attending college. We paid for that one. Oh did we pay.
$1000.00 to put it on a ship from Hawaii to California. Then we hired a company to pick it up and drive it to Texas. Another $700.00.  But, this was a door to door delivery and she wouldn't have to go to a major hub to pick it up. Or so we thought!
The truck driver with the car had engine problems last week. He called to tell me he'd deliver on Friday. Granted, we're not in Texas, the boy is going to have to sign for the car. No problem. Right? He hasn't started any prep for school so he was off last week. We never heard from the driver until Sunday night when he said he'd drop it off first thing Monday at 7:00 AM. I stressed to him that the kid had to be at work at 8:00 so he HAD to be there on time. No problem. At 7:00 Texas time the boy calls and says driver has overslept and won't make it.
I could keep typing and go into details but let me just say we fought with the driver and the company ALL DAY LONG. Driver insisted JD refused to take the car (hello... he wasn't home!) Driver said either JD could pick it up at his hotel (an hour drive away) or he was throwing it into storage and we'd have to pay it.
So, an hour and a $70.00 cab ride later, JD gets to said hotel and driver isn't there. An HOUR later, he shows up and hands off the car. What an ordeal. Don't think we're finished with these people yet. Now that we have possession of the car, we can rip them up.
Our furniture is still somewhere in a warehouse because someone didn't listen when I told them what day we would be arriving. Nobody cares.
Furniture arrives on 3 August. My in-laws are scheduled to arrive on 2 August. We asked them to hold off a day.
So, I will have furniture and all my household goods delivered the same day my first house guests arrive. I'm so stressed and uptight it's making me sick. Nick's mom is a doll and said don't worry, I'll bring my work clothes. She said "I can't make beds and throw away boxes, or whatever"
 I wouldn't mind putting my own mom to work, why does putting his mom to work bother me? I always want to be such the hostess and I hate asking for help.
I need someone to push me and tell me this is ok.
Thanks blogging friends for letting me rant. Yesterday was a rough day.. which is way I'm up way before I should be. I can't sleep. That air mattress isn't helping.
On a bright note, I live in a beautiful place. Here is a photo I took two days ago from my back yard. A rain storm was blowing in and it was awesome!
I thought I left rainbows behind when I left Hawaii.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today we shop for a second car and new cell phones. Shopping should make me feel better, right??


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Let your MIL help. Seriously, people LIKE to be needed - especially mothers. Also, there's bonding in working together and sharing an experience.

Sorry about all the frustrations - I can't even imagine trying to cope with all that without even the luxury of my own bed!

Anonymous said...

I prefer to have something to do when I go to someone's house. Work in the morning and play tourist in the afternoon, I am sure it will be fine.

JG said...

I agree with the above comment. People like to help, and want to help. Think of it as a good relationship-building opportunity.

I'm sorry about all the move hassle. That stinks. Definitely indulge in some retail therapy! :)

Paula said...

Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I must admit, my mother-in-law is one of the most organized people I know. I could certainly benefit from her wisdom.

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

I agree with everybody else...let her help. Mine likes to do the laundry..I think it makes her feel better to be productive and do something for me. I hate you're dealing with all this is well. Stupidity abounds unfortunately. Can you believe the attitudes some people get when they have a little power over you (like your car)??
Hang in there!