Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Adventures from Texas

We survived a couple of days of rain storms and are having a blast here in central Texas. Friday morning, as I posted earlier, was my hair appointment with my friend Jill. Jill was my stylist for YEARS when I lived here before. I was a single mom, just newly divorced when I found her. We were together through her second marriage, new baby, divorce, third marriage and another baby. My life went through lots of changes during those years as well. Like I said, I was newly divorced, then involved for four years with a man I thought I'd marry. There was that painful breakup that was almost like divorcing again, a series of small relationships with losers and some who were not so bad, then my courtship, engagement and marriage to this wonderful man I call my husband.
So, Jill did my hair. I'm blond again! We had a great visit then Nick and I hit the road running.
We had a list of food we wanted to eat while we were here. One was Crowe's Burger Shop. (There's no web site so I put their Yelp review here) It is a hole in the wall, walk up to the window and order your food kind of place. You will stand out in the Texas heat for a half hour waiting for your order because the burgers are just that good.
I mentioned the other day that my son and his future wife were headed out of town for a wedding. Guess where they stopped for lunch on their way through central Texas? Crowes. Guess who saw them while they were getting burgers? We did. I was thrilled to have all three kids in the same spot for a few minutes and I took photos!

How thrilled was I to have a chance to do this!?
Friday night we headed over to Las Casas for white wings.  White wings are chicken breast meat  stuffed full of cheese and jalapenos and then all wrapped in bacon. They are crispy on the outside, juicy and spicy on the inside. I have tried for four years to duplicate these with only satisfactory results. These were the real deals.
My friend Tammy joined us for dinner. I have known Tammy for years. We went to church together, worked at church camp together, had many nights of laughing, eating and crying together. One of my favorite stories about Tammy is the time she came to my house when I was going through my divorce. I lived in a tiny wood frame house with the smallest kitchen ever. I had no dishwasher and a sink full of dirty dishes. I had had a particularly trying day and she stopped by. She went straight to my kitchen, filled the sink with soapy water and washed all my dishes while I talked and cried to her. I will never forget her. I have never heard her speak an unkind word about anyone. Even when she hints about something negative she is sure to "bless their heart" first. I so love her.
Today we bowled.. It was odd to leave Target today and say "Come on girls, we're going to be late"  Do you know how long it's been since I've shopped with my of my daughters and said something like that? Too long.
I will be sad when we leave tomorrow and head back to the DFW area. I hate leaving my kids.
I took a couple of photos of the girls as they spent the day together
We load the dogs up tomorrow and ride north. We will spend the night at JD's apartment then get up early Monday morning to visit my parents in Arkansas. My folks are a few decades behind. They have no cable or internet. I'm not sure I'll be posting during that week. I'll be enjoying the heat and humidity in Arkansas along with some great fried catfish! I can't wait to visit my extended family as well.


Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great!
Those white wings look like they are worth the trip to TX!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

You and I would make happy travel companions Paula. I love the way you plan your travels around favorite restaurants - that's my idea of the perfect itinerary too.

Love your hair!

Jane said...

I hear you on the hair! Mine is in awful shape but I'm waiting for my favorite 'therapist' to get back from vacation so she can heal my heart a bit as well as make me look better.
Loved seeing the pictures of your family. I'm so happy that worked out for you!

Scatterbrain said...

Hope you have safe travels and plenty of great food! You're hair looks great! Having to switch hair ladies is one of my biggest fears of this new army life.. I am sooo attached to my hair lady, I never want to have to switch!

I was just trying to respond to your comment on my blog.. did you know you don't have a reply email address set up? I'm just going to paste my reply here instead:

You might think this is silly, but I take comfort in the fact that you think I'm not crazy. I love your blog and I kind of have you pegged as a lady who knows what's going on and knows how to handle herself well, so your insight is valuable to me. So thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for the family pictures! Glad you are having fun!