Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hot Summer Days!

We arrived in Texas the 1st of July. It's been a whirlwind since we got here. It was so good to see my boy, yes he's 26 years old, but he will always be my boy.
The first day we were here we checked into our hotel, rented our car, and dropped off some of our 6 bags at my future daughter-in-law's apartment. She seems to have more room than the boy so we took advantage of her second bedroom.
The boy took us to have Mexican food that night. I have been missing good Tex-Mex for years now. It was delish!! We went to El Guapos in Denton. Sooo yummy! I couldn't resist sharing mine and Callie's dishes.

I had the enchiladas with a taco. No, I couldn't finish it but I gave it a good shot.

Callie had a chimichanga. Do you know what's better than a burrito? A FRIED still my heart!
Yesterday we visited Texas Woman's University, the future home of my girl. She's staying here when we leave in a couple of weeks and that will be hard on me. I did love the school. It's a beautiful campus with gorgeous old buildings. It's small enough that it won't intimidate her, but large enough for her to enjoy the experience. Here are a couple of photos I took while we were there:
This building is used for banquets and other gatherings now. In the past it was the main dining hall. It was absolutely beautiful.

This is the outside of that building, I's been since yesterday! That's my son peeking around one of the pillars.
This beautiful dome with stained glass is in the middle of the library. I can't tell you how beautiful this building was. I'm afraid my photography skills (or lack thereof) doesn't do this justice at all.
Today we went to a great mall, I don't know the name, and I wanted to do some serious shopping. There were great sales, but I had pity on the men and we settled for a little window shopping. We ended up at Dave and Buster's for lunch and games. I had never been to one of these and oh man, did we have fun!
Here are a few photos from that trip:
This is J.D. and his future wife, Meghan. I heart her. She's a good girl.

Callie trying to shoot baskets. Too funny. She is NOT my athletic child.

My honey love "whacking the moles" You would have thought those moles were trying to kill him he was so intense.
I hear there are photos of me playing a game that involved a big machine gun and shooting my own baskets. Those haven't been revealed to me yet.
Here are a few other photos I snapped of the kids and one of my honey and me.
Tomorrow I meet my future daughter-in-law's family. They are having us over for a BBQ and I'm really looking forward to meeting the people who brought such a wonderful young woman into the world.


Anonymous said...

glad you are enjoying your time
hope the family thing went well
sounds like you will be a great mom-in-law


JG said...

What a fun week! That Mexican food looks SOOOOO good! :)