Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wii Fun

We bought a Wii for our family at Christmas this last year. Mostly, it's been Nick and me that have played. Callie is the only one living at home right now and she doesn't play as much.
It was a slow night for TV a few nights ago so Nick asked if I wanted to compete in ski jumping. I couldn't figure out how he knew about ski jumping because we hadn't played it before. He admitted he played around with the Wii the night I was out playing Bunco with the girls. He then told me he had added the dogs in the character list. I said really??  There are dogs in there? 
We turn on the game to get ready to play and sure enough, the dogs are in the Wii fit area and have been weighed in. I asked how in the world he got the dogs to stand on that platform long enough to weigh. He admitted he had to hold them to do it. We have a dachsund, which is no big deal, but our second dog is a yellow lab!
If you're familiar with the Wii fit, you know that you check in and weigh yourself every time you use it. So, we pulled the dogs up to let them weigh in. I just HAD to take photos of this. It was hysterical.

This is Cleo's Mii update.

Max clearly wasn't having a good time.

After weighing in the dogs, we started the ski jump competition. Callie came home from work in the middle of some serious smack talking. She decided she needed to school us on how it is done.

The fact that Nick was weighing in dogs when I was gone one night made me wonder what else goes on around here when I'm gone. That same evening, when I returned home, I saw his head lamp sitting out. (yes he has a head lamp and LOVES it, he's a bit of a geek)  I asked him about the head lamp. He said, "Well, I might have been exploring a little."  I just asked if any of the neighbors had seen him and he assured me they had not. It's nice that he can entertain himself. I'm not sure he ever grew up.


Renee said...

Too funny! What a great time you all had!! The dogs om Wii is just too hysterical!!

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

This made me laugh out loud...our kids got a Wii for Christmas as well and it has provided us with hours of family fun. My 6 year old has created a mii for all of us, plus some of the older girls' friends...and even some of her friends at school. :)

HellcatBetty said...

Oh my gosh, I totally laughed super loud at that pic of your husband holding that massive yellow lab (who's making quite the "i hate you" face, btw) on the Wii fit board. HILARIOUS!! Men are funny... I don't think any of them really ever grow up ;)

Jessica said...

I love the pictures! We had a WII way back when they first came out. We got rid of it, and now they have all sorts of great games out for it.

You have an award at my blog!!

Shayla said...

HAHA okay the whole dog weighing thing is absolutely hilarious!!!!!!!!