Friday, April 9, 2010

Guacamole and...Margaritas?

I was cleaning up the kitchen a little while ago and noticed the avocados I bought earlier in the week were perfectly ripe now. What better time to blow off chores and make guacamole?
I have not always liked guacamole. A few years ago you could not have paid me to eat it. Looking back, I think I was never served GOOD guacamole. Over the years my taste has changed and I liked it more and more.
Last fall a friend brought a bag of avocados over from the tree in her yard. (Yes, we grow avocados in Hawaii) I decided to try my hand at guacamole. The first batch was ok; the second batch was better but not hot enough for me, so the third time being the charm was fantastic! I spiced it up with more jalapeno and took it to a neighborhood block party. Everyone RAVED about it! Homerun!

My Guacamole (I can't call it a recipe, I truly just throw things in to taste)

4 ripe avocados
The juice of one lime
Red onion (I used almost half of a medium onion)
1 fresh jalapeno (remove the seeds if you want to cut down on spice, I leave seeds in half)

Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit and throw it in a bowl.
Squeeze the juice of the lime in on top of the avocados
Chop the red onion in fine pieces
Chop the jalapeno in tiny pieces
After putting everything in the bowl, take a potato masher and smash it all together. I like it a little chunky so I don't smash it until it's smooth.
Salt and Pepper to taste

I absolutely love how simple this is and how fresh it tastes. You truly get the taste of the avocado. I love the crunch of the red onion and the bite of the jalapeno. The lime juice is mostly to keep the avocados from turning brown.
During my husband's recent deployment, he had a young Soldier who was his driver. This young man was driving my dear husband the night they hit an IED. The driver was hurt badly enough to come home and face surgery and physical therapy. While he was recovering in therapy, he would stop by the battalion almost every day. The rear detachment command had a potluck one day for lunch and I happened to be there (how convenient)
Young Soldier driver came in with his cane and his fresh guacamole. This boy is Latino and his guacamole ROCKED. He had left a couple of the pits in the dip. When I asked him why, he said it's supposed to keep it from turning brown so quickly. So.. I leave a couple of pits in mine. I also read recently to cover with plastic wrap all the way down on the guacamole to help with this. I'm willing to try anything!

With the pits inside.

With the plastic wrap.

And my favorite way, with chips!

I think it tastes better after chilling in the refrigerator for a while. I have a feeling there is a margarita in my future this evening!


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Oh yum. I adore guacamole. Yes, your soldier was right - the pits help and so does the super tight plastic wrap. Of course, who ever has it around long enough to turn brown? ;)

Michelle said...

i love guacamole but have never attempted to make it. you have me itching to try, i can’t believe it’s that simple.