Monday, April 19, 2010

Army Life

Today I'm reflecting on the friends I've made in my short (almost 6 yrs) time as an Army wife.  It's amazing how small this Army world is and how frequently you have opportunities to reconnect with those friends.
When I married my husband I met a fabulous Army wife named Marcia. Marica was my husband's brigade commander's wife. She stepped up and taught me everything I needed to know about being the senior wife in my husband's battalion. (talk about jumping in with both feet)  Our battalion commander was a geo bachelor (didn't bring his family with him to this assignment) so by default, I was the senior leader.
I am a huge knowledge geek so I jumped in and learned as much as I could about this new life. Marcia stayed there in Texas with us for a year, then moved on. We moved on as well and then two years later, we moved to Hawaii. After a year here, I heard Marcia's husband was being assigned to a job in Hawaii. How much fun to see her again?! This time, Marcia's husband wasn't in our chain of command so we were able to just be friends. I still called on her when I needed advice, a shoulder or to rant.
Last summer Marcia moved away. I got an email from her a couple of weeks ago saying she would be in Hawaii accompanying her husband who would be here for an Army trip. I get to drive downtown to the Hale Koa hotel today and spend a few hours with Marcia. I can't wait to catch up.
Since we've been in Hawaii I've reconnected with several old friends. It's amazing how many wives want to join their husbands on a business trip when it involves travel to Hawaii. I have spent many afternoons at the Hale Koa (which is the military hotel right on Waikiki beach) having Mai Tais with old friends.

I know that, even when I move on from here, I will stay connected with my close friends I've made here. Chances are huge that we'll run into each again. It's a small Army. We make friends fast and we keep them for life. 
This is a photo taken last week at my friend's husband's ceremony. She's in the middle with the beautiful leis on. Another perk of being in Hawaii...fresh flower leis. (that's me on the right)


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

My grandpa was career Air Force and then worked the Pentagon in the National Guard after he retired. When he finally left that job and moved into the Retired Air Force Officers Community in D.C. is was like homecoming. He knew SO many residents from his different postings over the years.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to have so many friends. Bittersweet to have to seperate, but good to be able to stay in touch. :)

Anonymous said...

My best friend story is spending the day at IKEA with an online friend when she was in Minneapolis visiting family. We picked each other out right away. It was a fun day!