Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Poop Obsession?

I've mentioned our two dogs before. We have a yellow lab, Max, and a miniature dachsund, Cleo. We live in Army housing with no real yard, so we walk our dogs when they need to go out. (except when I cheat and let them right out front to do their business..when I'm lazy)
Because we walk our dogs, we carry poop bags to pick up their poo. My husband seems to be obsessed with poop bags. I find them everywhere. He will stick a couple in his pocket when we start our walk, and leave them there if we don't use them.
Here are a few places I've found (unused) poop bags:
On the table inside our front door. This wooden tray is usually used for our keys.

This one fell behind a piece of furniture in my dining room.

This next one is on top of his dresser, or as it's called in my family "the chester drawers"

The following is inside the pocket of his shorts, before I do laundry.

And...occasionally inside the washing machine when I've forgotten to check the man's pockets.

God love him, he's always prepared. There is never a dull moment around here, I love making fun of him when I find a hidden poop bag.


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Thank heavens that it's only the unused variety left about!

Tiffanie said...

HAHAHA...when I first started reading I thought surely no way someone could forget to throw the poop bags away...but then you clarified the (unused) part! Those bags are pretty great though!

Christina said...

So glad they haven't been used! haha I wish more people in my neighborhood would carry those things around!

Anonymous said...
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