Thursday, December 2, 2010

Seasons Change

I can't believe the difference a few months makes. It's turning colder here and things look so much different!
Remember this?
It's the view out the back and over to the right of my house. This was taken in July. See all the sailboats?
Here it is today: 
The boats are gone. You can't see it in this photo but there are tons of little round markers out there where the boats tie up during the season. I guess they've all been taken home or removed to be winterized. It's amazing how empty the harbor is here now.
And this...

My backyard in August when Callie was here. Here it is today:

The leaves are all gone, we have removed most of the yard furniture and the view to the water is very clear.
Here are a few more photos of my house since I've decorated. Remember, it's nothing fancy, but these are the things I love.

The Santas on my buffet in the dining room. The small brown one is made from coconut shells. Nick picked it up for me in the Marshall Islands when he was there TDY. It's one of my favorites.

This is a better photo of the top of the china cabinet. I never claimed to be a photographer! I love the lights around this at night when the overhead light is off.

This is my Hawaiian Christmas tree. It sits in my front entry way. I used shell leis for the garland and it has all the ornaments I collected in Hawaii. I love this too.

A shot of the whole tree. Again.

A few packages that I have wrapped already. I still have a ways to go!  As you can see..I'm a little OCD on the wrapping. It has to coordinate.

More gifts. I see more red than silver here. I will have to fix that now.
The weather was beautiful today after such a storm yesterday. I don't think I've ever heard wind blow as hard as it did here last night. It's very chilly though so I'm about to go start some ham and potato soup. It's one of our favorites.


Momma Lew said...

LOL can you wrap my presents?!?!?!

Expat Girl said...

I wish my presents were wrapped as cutely as that. Unfortunately I had a drooling 6month old who is learning to crawl helping me!

Michelle said...

I love the contrast of your seasonal outdoor photos. What a difference in such a short time. Love the Santas! We only decorate our tree in country primitive Santas and they are so hard to find.

Loopy said...

LOVE the coconut Santa. Your house/decorations are indeed fancy!

My Army Wife Life... said...