Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

I could probably do a once a week post with this title, because I'm always finding things that I just love.
Here are my favorite things today.
This candle is made by Thymes and the scent is "Frasier Fir" It is, by far, the most realistic evergreen scent I've ever smelled. I am usually wary of the fake Christmas tree smells. Honestly, I think they are tacky and they stink. I walked into a local gift shop last week and this candle was burning. I was looking for the fresh greens, no kidding. I had to have it. Even Nick likes it.

These plastic ornaments hanging in my kitchen window. I LOVE them. They are cheapies from "The Christmas Tree Shop" but so cute. I have more and will use them in a future house when I have more room. I wish I had bought more. I really wish this picture had turned out better. Obviously the light outside the window is taking away from the shine of the ornaments. Maybe I'll try it later when it is darker outside.

I had more favorites but my photos aren't cooperating at the moment. I'm too lazy to go take more pictures right now so they will have to wait.
Check out that candle. It's a little pricey but you won't be sorry!


Momma Lew said...

I recently bought Holiday Garland from yankee candle & I love that one. Smells just like a real christmas tree!

Michelle said...

You two have me wanting to go out and buy a pine candle. I am so finicky about my candles and usually stick to a safe scent of apple & cinnamon. Very tempting.

Loopy said...

Love your Christmas Tree Shop ornaments. They have the coolest stuff.