Thursday, September 30, 2010

We're Not In Hawaii Anymore

I admit it. I'm not feeling it lately. I have a few ideas about blog postings but nothing that gets me moving enough to actually type it out. I don't even know why I'm struggling, but I am.
We've been in this house with our stuff now for almost 2 months and I still don't feel settled. I get crazy motivated once in a while to get some things organized then I realize we're only here until July and wonder what is the point?
So, I decided to take a few photos of things that truly prove I'm not in Hawaii anymore.

First, the Canadian geese that hang out just outside my front door.
You don't see these in Hawaii.
This fire hydrant. It has a stick on top with a little flag on it. My husband tells me that it's so the snow plows can determine where the hydrant is when they plow the streets. Seriously? Will there be that much snow? Will I survive this? Definitely none of those in Hawaii.

Lovely fall colors coming to trees. No fall season in Hawaii.

Hello...warnings for icy roads. Oy, I won't be able to leave the house.
I do love the change in seasons. So far. Ask me how I feel in January.


JG said...

Okay, that fire hydrant thing made me laugh so hard. I can't even IMAGINE snow that high! Maybe one day I'll see it in person - but I hope I'm just visiting! :)

Michelle said...

Are you in for a wintery shock! I drive an SUV and last year the snow was higher than the hood of my car. Christopher's Guard Unit was activated 3 different times and roads were shut down. And you live farther north than I do. *lol* I'll start praying for a mild winter for you.

Cris Goode said...

I think I'd have a rough time transitioning as well. We live in Indiana and winter is my least favorite season...but fall is the best!

Fall has such fun activities around here. Hope you find some that you enjoy :)

I am your newest follower! Thanks for adding my blog to your blog roll:)

Cris of GOODEness Gracious

TheAlbrechtSquad said...

Our move from Texas isn't quite the same as your move from Hawaii, but it took some adjusting, lol.

I hope you adjust well and can dig yourself out of the snow that all those signs are warning you about!

USMCWIFE said...

I am in the same boat ... just not "feeling" it yet. I still have so many boxes to unpack but I can't really get motivated enough to unpack them. I am doing my volunteer work but still having a hard time getting a paying job. My poor neglected blog, don't even get me started there. And worse part is we aren't leaving in July so I really should get on the ball. Can't wait to see you snow pictures! LOL

Debbie said...

January may be OK but March will get you! I always get so tired of winter by then. But, I bet it will all be fun and novel.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Oh Paula - you are in for it. I live in the land of blizzards and we don't have marked fire hydrants here. You may have to get a winter home somewhere!