Monday, September 20, 2010

Funny Stuff from the Dining Room

I am sitting here, reading blogs, minding my own business and I am getting tickled at my two men doing homework.
If you don't know what's going on, you'd wonder what in the world they're talking about.
5 equals 2 plus 2x2 over two and then ten is equal to six (and blah blah blah it's greek to me!)
"What does that say"  Oh well, you're going to write this over it's not legible."
 "Dad, I'm tired, I don't want to do it over"
"Well, you know this is a rough draft and you'll have to re-write. If you don't want to re-do, do it neatly now"
"End point equals what?
"Dad, where is that snake skin you told me about?"
"Outside, focus dude"
"End point was what?"
"Dude! Focus"
"Dude, that's a nine? It looks like a sperm, re-do it"
"Ok, go re-write it"
"Dude, what else do you have?"
"and history?"
"oh yeah"
"Dude, you're losing xbox for the night, go re-copy that, and bring me your history homework"
"Oh I don't have biology tomorrow"
"Why did you say you have biology?"
"Because he likes doing that class's homework"  (said by me)
"Ok, go re-copy that, it will take you 20 minutes, and then we can do history"
"Dad, it won't take me 20 minutes"
"If it takes you less than 20 minutes, it won't be neat and I'll make you re-do it again. I want it to look like numbers, not sperm"

Thanks to my two dramatic men for giving me something to write about.
The reason Nick was sitting with him going over every single thing was because we finally got our log in information to see Alex's grades and assignments online. Guess who's been stretching the truth a little about homework assignments?  Not our boy.. yes, our boy. So, we treat him like a child for a while and make sure his homework is done.
Question for you all regarding history class.
History book is in Alex's room. He tells us at the beginning of the year that teacher says leave it at home, it's big and heavy and you'll wreck it. I'm am left believing there are textbooks at school he's using in class.
UNTIL I see online on the parent page that homework hasn't been turned in. I go upstairs, and there is the book and I see that he has that class today.
We question the boy and he first says "He doesn't give homework"  Really? What's this?  We show him the assignment link and he acts confused. Oh well, we do have that sometimes and I do it in class and turn it in. Really? You have time to read the material, answer these questions and turn it in? When does he teach?
Well, he's not clear on what is for homework. Then I ask "Maybe it's written on the board and it's your responsibility to copy down the assignment?"  I got the eyes glassed over look. I'm losing him.
THEN I ask, when do you read the material?  He answers "in class"  but he hesitates a little. I know I got him then. I said ok, so you DO read it and answer the questions in class?  Right!
So, you have textbooks in class?  He hesitates a second before saying..uh right. I got him. I asked him two more times and he crumbled a little more each time. I finally said "Alex, you don't have a book in class do you?"  He said, ummm.. I don't think so"  Really? How are you doing the homework? You haven't cracked a book and you've lied to me.
The question is:  Do I contact the teacher to find out his homework policy? Does the book stay home and assignments get done here or is he supposed to bring his book?
Help! I can't stand a liar and I will check him on this. I just don't know how hard to push with the teacher.  Phone call or email?


Michelle said...

Don't you love teachers who "don't give homework"?
My high schooler gets straight A's, she's in the gifted class and almost always on distinguished honor roll. She has us spoiled because I don't have to check or help her out with school work.
We just got home from open house for our middle schooler. Apparently she should be bringing home her reading book every night. I've never seen this book. When I asked her about it she says "I read it in class". I asked her what the last story was... dead silence. *lol* Kids! I also make her rewrite messy homework, she thinks I'm a meanie.

Michelle said...

btw... I email teachers. I usually get a quicker response.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Yes to e-mailing - it works much better.

My "gifted" daughter has missing assignments in every. single. class. yet I never see her doing homework. We've told her no driver's permit until she has a 3.5 with no C's.

I think I'll be driving her forever.

I think they either have an inborn "caring about grades" mechanism (my son does) or they don't (neither girl.) And the ones that don't, you just have to stand over with a whip and a chair.

it is exhausting.

Debbie said...

I would certainly email the teacher and ask for clarification. I would - and I have! Yours is not the only little truth stretcher out there:)