Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lazy Weekend

I can't believe it's Sunday evening already. It's been a lazy weekend!
Nick had a "study day" on Friday so he didn't have to go in. However, he DID go in to do his studying. He's attending a school for senior service members and it typically goes from 8:30 AM to around noon. Except for Wednesday when he has his elective in the afternoon. Even then, he's finished by 4:00. He has a TON of reading to do with this school and several large papers to write. I've felt a little like a school widow because he goes upstairs to his study and reads for hours on most evenings. My friends who have husbands in this same school say their men stay there during the afternoon, do their reading and are free in the evenings to do other things. I'm not sure which is nicer. I guess it doesn't really matter. It's only for 10 months and we'll be finished. He'll add another master's degree to his resume and we'll go on to the next thing.
Anyway, I got off subject. Friday, Nick hit the library to do his thing so I ran a few errands. We had plans to go down the street to our neighbor's house for a potluck dinner. I needed a few things to help make my dish. I ended up making an appetizer (buffalo chicken dip) and "Your HomeBased Mom's" sour cream apple bars.  These apple bars were a HUGE hit. My buffalo chicken dip was a hit too, but people raved about the bars and I even had to leave some so they could have them with coffee in the morning.
We had a fabulous time with our friends. There were three families, all Army that are attending this Naval school, so we have a lot in common. We ate, sat around the fire pit outside (a common theme lately), made s'mores, drank wine and had great conversation . While we were there, we made plans for the next thing we want to do together. I think we're going to attend the first night game for Brown University this weekend when they play Harvard. This is a group of men who are die hard college football fans.
Saturday, we were truly relaxed. We stayed home, enjoyed our backyard and water view, watched college football and ordered hot wings delivery for dinner.
Today was the first time we have attended church here. We opted for the closest Catholic church. My husband is catholic. I am not. We compromise. Alex has not attended church EVER with his mother. I was shocked and disappointed that this 15 year old boy doesn't know Jesus or anything at all about the Bible. I aim to fix that.  We attended Mass at St. Mary's Catholic Church. (seriously, go look at some of the pictures)This church is absolutely beautiful. It was established in 1828. The present site was dedicated in 1852. A little bit of trivia here for you. President John F. Kennedy married his bride in this church. I delighted in the beauty of this building. Such artistic works in there. Stained glass, inlaid wood, carvings etc. Even though I'm not a Catholic girl, I enjoyed visiting this church. We will continue to visit around until we find our fit.
Today, after church, we visited the Navy Exchange so Alex could purchase a birthday gift for his mother. Oh wait, we paid for that gift for his mother, he is just the one mailing it to her. I am doing that for him, not her. During the time he lived with his mother, my dear husband got not ONE single gift from those kids. Rarely a phone call on his birthday unless I had tipped them off that it was his birthday. Kids need to know these things and be taught that birthdays and other occasions are important. It's no wonder the kid is so self absorbed, his mother has taught him that. Another thing that I aim to fix!
I haven't had much luck in the menu making area this weekend. I'm struggling. I think with all the apple stuff last week, I'm just tired. I still have apples to put up so I'll work on that tomorrow. Someone throw me some easy ideas that my kid will eat. I think his pickiness is my most frustrating thing.
Have a great Monday everyone! I hope your weekend was as relaxing as mine!!

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Michelle said...

I just learned last week that my oldest doesn't believe in God. I was speechless. God & prayer are what get me through deployments. I didn't make a big deal out of it and just asked her why. I'm hoping she is just questioning it and finds her way back.
You are an amazing women. You handle the ex stuff with such class and maturity. I don't know if I would behave as well.