Monday, September 6, 2010

Just the Two of Us... Anniversary Weekend

Since Alex spent the weekend with his mom in Boston, the hubby and I decided to have grown up time. It was our anniversary weekend, after all.
Honestly, we relaxed a lot on Saturday and decided to head over the bay on the water taxi to have dinner that night. The place we catch the water taxi is literally outside our door. It's not a bad walk at all and it's just a beautiful setting. We arrived at the dock a little early and shared it with these guys.

The water taxi was WAY crowded but still a fun ride. I never get tired of jetting around the harbor looking at all the amazing boats.
We headed over to the Brick Alley Pub and Restaurant in town to put our name on the list. We knew it would be a wait and were prepared for that. Fortunately for us, they had a great bar upstairs and we were lucky enough to get two seats right there. We enjoyed a drink (or two) and headed down to our table. We sat outside and it was a beautiful evening. We had a delicious dinner and really were able to enjoy ourselves. This restaurant was really very reasonable and the decor was so fun. Lots of vintage signs, sporting equipment and other fun stuff.
After dinner we wandered around town a bit. Newport is a very old town here on the actual island of Rhode Island. It's very cute with tons of restaurants and shops. A lot of the streets are still cobble stoned. I absolutely love it. You will see little side streets filled with people, bars, ice cream stands, chowder stands, etc.
This is one of those streets. You can't really tell, but the trees have white twinkle lights in them. Music is playing and the smells are wonderful!
I love the old buildings like this one. We saw this on our walk back to the wharf to catch our ride. We grabbed a coffee (the weather was chilly) and sat on the little bench awaiting our water taxi.
This was our view. Yes, that's a huge boat out there. Actually, there are several. I'm amazed at the money here. I'm anxious to see how it looks when the weather gets cold and the tourists go home.
Here was our ride:
Not quite the same, is it?
To really celebrate our anniversary, we bought lobsters while we were out Sunday afternoon. We cooked those bad boys up and had them at home. They were delicious!!

I don't have the right equipment yet, so here is how we cracked the shells.

Yes, they are pink. No, they are not my husband's pliars, they are mine. I can't have anyone talking smack about my strong soldier.
Speaking of...

He intended this photo to only go out to our kids via text message. Little does he know, it's now on my blog :)
This morning we drove to Boston to get our boy. No, that wasn't our original plan. Yes, we were going to meet his mother half way sometime this afternoon. She changed her plans at the last minute and went home early. We spent all day in the car instead of at the baseball game, picking up the kid, and having dinner out. That woman!  It's a good thing her change took her away sooner rather than later. I'd had enough already.


JG said...

It's our anniversary weekend too! :) Happy Anniversary! I have NO idea how to cook lobster. One of those things I hope to learn one day!

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary!
I've never cooked a lobster, I can't seem to get over putting them into the boiling water alive. I'm good if I don't see it alive prior to eating it. Christopher caught catfish once and brought them home. Did you know they can breath out of water? So there they are breathing and looking at me. I couldn't eat dinner that night.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

That lobster looks heavenly! What a treat to be able to just pick some up like that. The only comparable item we have is corn.

SO not the same thing.

Paula said...

JG.. happy anniversary to you too!!
Lobster isn't that difficult, I just googled it and figured it out.
Michelle... I had a hard time with the whole live critter in the boiling water too. I walked out of the kitchen and let Nick do it.
Mindee, you're right, not quite the same. I figure after being in Hawaii and now here, my next duty station will probably really suck.