Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I'm having trouble finding myself since Nick's been home and has changed jobs. I was very involved with his battalion during the deployment as well as serving on three different boards during that year. Now there is nothing that I HAVE to do, so I'm doing absolutely nothing. It's starting to drag me down. I can only clean house, do laundry, and search the web for so many hours a day. No kids (other than the college student) means few demands in that area as well. Although she and I need to figure out where she's going to school next year and get that started.
I'm so ready for our move to Rhode Island. Could part of my problem be "short timer's disease" ?  I've heard of this. Once you know where you're going, you're ready to GO! I've been looking at houses online, communicating with the Naval housing office and am getting excited to take this next step.  Nick absolutely hates his new job now (big surprise there) and that doesn't make it any easier around here.
I need to make weekly goals for myself before I become a raving lunatic. Structure..that's the ticket! (getting back to the gym wouldn't hurt either)
On a different note, I made a fabulous dinner tonight.  I cooked the roast in the slow cooker with a mixture of 1 can Cream of Mushroom soup and 1 envelope Lipton Onion Soup Mix. It makes a kickin' gravy! About 2-3 hours before serving, I dumped chunks of potatoes and carrots in to cook in the juices.
I decided this afternoon to make some kind of bread to go along with that amazing gravy and found these: Fool-Proof Popovers  from the Food Network. They rose up and were definitely airy. Nick opened the first one up and said "Hey, there's a hole in here"  Then he proceded to fill the hole with roast and gravy and ate three of them! I guess they're a hit.
Tomorrow night is BUNCO with the spouse's club group. I will have a blast and have an errand now. I have to bring the wine!  Here's hoping for a big win so I have money to play with the neighborhood group on Friday night! Let's Roll!!


Michelle said...

i love making beef roast that way, even the leftovers are delish. i'm going to have to try the popovers. your menu will be my next week's menu at this rate.

Paula said...

The roast is so easy and you come out looking like a rock star! I love it. Sometimes I cook it in a dutch oven and fry up the edges of the roast on the stove top before dumping the soup mix over and putting it in the oven. I think it tastes better this way, but the crockpot is much easier.