Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I remember the first time I was invited to a BUNCO game. I told my friend I didn't know how to play. She said "If you can hold a cocktail in one hand and roll the dice with the other, you can play"  She was right, and I've loved it ever since. However, I find that BUNCO without a cocktail (or even a glass of wine) isn't as much fun.
Like most things, BUNCO is only as fun as the people you are with. I have played some boring games of BUNCO with women who were WAY too serious about the game. They rushed through the rolling of the dice and didn't want to talk at all, because it distracted from the game. I would rather lose at the game, but have greats conversation, laughs and a good time.
We also play the Right, Left, Center game. This game always ends up with us yelling and cheering. What a silly thing. I feel sure that one day the MPs will be at our door, watching a bunch of Army wives gambling on a dice game. That can't be good!
I'm taking my $5.00 for BUNCO, and $3.00 for the RLC game and will probably lose it all, but I'll have some great girlfriend time!

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Michelle said...

my youngest loves bunco but is way too serious about winning. i need the cocktail to be able to play with her. *lol*