Monday, February 22, 2010

The Bamboo Bugler

Hawaii has beautiful song birds. All day long I can hear birds singing, chirping, and even squawking. It’s funny to me how they start in the morning, and weaken throughout the day until dark when they are completely silent.

While Nick was deployed, I noticed a particular bird. I was awakened almost every morning by this bird that seems to be singing from the huge bamboo patch outside my bedroom window. His song is loud and beautiful. I remember making the comment to Nick on the phone one morning that this bird seemed to be the one to awaken the others because no bird made a sound until this one sounded off just before dawn.

A few weeks ago, Nick and I noticed this same bird was the last one to sing in the evening. I compared him to the Bugler at the parade field playing Reveille in the mornings to get our day started and Taps in the evening to end our day.

I look forward to hearing this bird every morning and evening. It’s one of the many things I’ll miss about Hawaii.

That clanking bamboo patch outside my bedroom window is another thing I’ll miss. It’s a very unique sound as the trade winds rustle through it.

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Michelle said...

i missing sleeping with the windows open and waking up to the birds singing and chirping. it's was relaxing and peaceful. i'm ready for spring!