Friday, February 26, 2010

Empty nest? Not yet!

Just as I was getting really depressed that our move to Rhode Island wouldn’t include Callie, who is going back to Texas to finish college, we get news that Alex will be joining us!
Nick and I have a “blended family” We married over five years and ago and each brought children into the mix. I have three and he has two, mine are older and his live with their mom. Alex is the youngest of the five and he’s 14 years old. Nick and I have wanted him with us for quite some time. He’s very much in need of his father and I know we can give him some stability that he’s been lacking. (in spite of our nomad lifestyle) So, life in Rhode Island will find us with three kids in Texas, one attending school in Minnesota, and Alex with us. In spite of my recent bragging that the empty nest didn’t scare me, I was secretly getting very depressed at having all my chicks so far away. It will be nice to have a kid around for a while longer. This kid will do very well in our world. He will thrive being an only child when he’s had little attention for the last several years. The biggest surprise to me was how excited Alex is to come to live with us. He truly loves his dad and wants to be with him. He wants what all kids want and deserve, a family. It does my heart good.

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Michelle said...

that is such great news. your life won't be dull. i'm dreading the thought of having an empty nest already. what does a mom do at that point?