Sunday, April 24, 2011

Post Vacation Update

It’s Sunday evening and almost 7:00 PM.  I am home from our spring break trip and doing all those things one must do upon returning from vacation. In a word..WORK!  I have unpacked, gone through the mail, checked email, Facebook (oh so important things), started laundry and made frozen pizzas for dinner.  I still have to finish laundry and make my list for the coming week. Between getting caught up on chores and shopping, trying to coordinate our move with a wedding in the middle of that time, and planning for the Army ball coming up in two weeks, I’m exhausted thinking about even making my list.
We had a fantastic trip. We left Tuesday morning and went to New York City. I have been there a few times but neither Nick nor Alex had ever been. Our intentions were to catch a show on Broadway, see the Statue of Liberty and whatever else we could squeeze in.  However, since it was spring break for a lot more people than just us, the shows we wanted to see were sold out and the tours to the Statue of Liberty had painfully long lines. So, we walked around Times Square, ate some amazing New York style pizza, walked and walked and walked some more (ouch my still healing foot)  We rode the subway, saw the Museum of Natural History, and ate even more food.
Thursday morning we loaded up the car and headed to the Washington D.C. area. (Did anyone else just have a flashback of the Beverly Hillbillies theme song here?)  Nick’s sister and her family live in the DC area as well as his first cousin that’s like a brother. We had a fabulous visit with our family.  I got my fill of playing with little kids and catching up with my wonderful sister-in-law. I’m so blessed with my in-laws, I really couldn’t ask for any better.
I will try to write, in more detail, about our trip this week.  Right now there is a pile of laundry screaming at me and a grocery list that needs to be made. I have promised myself (or threatened?) that I will most definitely start my healthy lifestyle, however temporary it may be, this week. Tomorrow starts a much lower calorie diet and exercise program. Like I mentioned already, I have the Army Ball in two weeks that I must attend and that requires squeezing my ample bottom that has hibernating all winter into a ball gown. I refuse to buy a bigger one. I also have the wedding coming up and I want to buy a fab dress for that. Not to mention the fact that we’re moving this summer and I’d love a new start with a healthier body…I think I said that last year as we were preparing for a move Smile 
Between laundry loads, I’m going to catch up on blog reading. I’ve missed all my bloggy friends!
Here are a couple of photos from our trip.

“The Sphere” displayed in Battery Park, NYC. This sculpture once sat in the center of the plaza of the World Trade Center.

A beautiful flowering tree in Battery Park, NYC.

The sun shining through a row of flags on a building in Washington D.C.


The Coupon Goddess said...

Looks like a fabulous trip!! I love the flag pic. So beautiful!!! I hope your Easter was awesome!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic trip. Can't wait to hear more. We have a military ball on May 21 and I refuse to buy a new dress since it's all new people. *lol* I've been exercising for two weeks now, faithfully. I'm procrastinating on trying the dress on. Oy. Dang winter weight.