Thursday, April 28, 2011

New York!

As promised, here is a little more detail of our spring break trip.  Tuesday morning, Nick, Alex and I loaded up the family SUV and headed south.  I had made reservations in a Brooklyn hotel because of the price.  The hotel was fine, in a decent neighborhood, and within walking distance to the subway which was to be our primary means of transportation.  I tried to get us a room at the Fort Hamilton lodging  but was too late calling. Next trip, I will definitely call early and get in. I’ve stayed there before and it’s very nice and inexpensive.
So.. first night in NYC.  Our plan was to see a Broadway Show. More specifically, “Rock of Ages”  It wasn’t meant to be.  My girlfriend told me that you simply go to Times Square, hit the ticket box a few hours early and get discounted tickets.  I don’t think any of us were thinking that .. HELLO, it’s spring break.  The crowds were amazing. You couldn’t walk down the sidewalk easily for all the people. Needless to say, the show was sold out. Not only for that evening but the rest of the week. Oh well. 
We decide we’ll just walk around and then grab something to eat. It was amazing just to be down there.

Here we are on the subway. Alex was a bit camera happy. I stole this from his Facebook page.


As we stepped off the subway in Times Square, I heard music. You know the kind.. live music. I knew it was live as soon as I heard it and couldn’t wait to see what was up. We found this makeshift band playing for whatever money you wanted to throw their way. They were really good!

Here we are! Times Square! It was everything I thought it would be.


Alex has a goal in every city we visit. To hit the Hard Rock Café and get a T-shirt. Apparently this is something his mother started with him, but ironically, the shirts he has (besides one) are ones he got since living with us. Maybe we just travel more?  So, we find the Hard Rock which is right there on the square and have him grab his way overpriced T-shirt.  While we were there, I decide to hit the ladies room. I walk in, and there is a restroom attendant. I have rarely been anywhere to see this. Not only did she have every lotion and potion imaginable, but she had a basket of Blow Pops. I love Blow Pops. Something about the crunchy sweet candy through the bubble gum is just euphoric to me. I had to have one.  What’s involved in getting one of those things?  Do I need to require her assistance?  Is a tip really all that’s necessary? It turns out I DID need her assistance. I couldn’t get the blasted motion detector faucet to spray any water. I’m waving my hands under it like a crazy woman and she has to walk over, take my hand and show me how. Oy, now I really have to tip her. I did my business at the sink and took her offered paper towel. Then I dropped a dollar bill in her basket and grabbed a Blow Pop. This whole experience made me think of an episode of Will & Grace. Does anyone know the one I’m talking about? 
Karen Walker goes to Las Vegas to be married to her …what? third husband?  Anyway, she’s in the rest room adjusting her make-up or lipstick ..something in the mirror when Jennifer Lopez walks out of one of the stalls. She offers a few dollars to Karen and says she just needs a paper towel and some Chiclets.  THIS is what I’m thinking as I tip the attendant and take my Blow Pop.
Imagine the surprise of my boys when I walk out of the bathroom with a Blow Pop in my mouth. After explaining where I got it, their next question was “Why didn’t you get us one?”  Because I thought it might cost more Smile
We went on to have some amazing New York Pizza at John’s Pizzeria. My friend who was my neighbor in Hawaii told me about this place. It was delicious! I love pizza but I really, really LOVE good pizza.

My boys with their pizza. We ordered Alex his own. He is picky and doesn’t like what we like and besides, I didn’t want to share with that appetite.
We had a great first night in NYC. It wasn’t all we had planned, but it was amazing just the same.


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

A blow pop that comes with a story? Totally worth the $1.

TheAlbrechtSquad said...

Sounds like a fun visit and I love the blow pop story, how fun!