Friday, April 1, 2011

Homemade VS Store Bought… Does Anyone Really Care?

Today is April 1.  The day my husband pins on his new rank. I’m so excited for him and want this day to be very special. However, there are a few reasons this won’t be your “traditional” promotion.
First, he isn’t in an Army unit. He is a student at the Naval War College and there won’t be a normal promotion. On the good side, we can kind of do what we want, as long as someone the same rank or above does the promoting. 
Secondly, I’m partially laid up, because of my foot surgery, and can’t throw the kind of party I’d like to. My idea was to cook some amazing food, have a great bar set up and lots of delicious snacks sitting around.  Instead, I’m ordering barbecue and setting up a buffet.  I’m making two desserts, because I just can’t stand not to, and one side dish. If I keep thinking about it, and if I didn’t have Nick here to hold me back, I’d be doing more and would suffer for it later tonight. I can tell when I’ve overdone it, I go to bed early, with a pain pill and swearing I will never do it again.
So, here’s my question;  does anyone really care?  Will our good friends and neighbors, who love us and support us really think less of me because my dinner is being brought in from somewhere else?  Or, are they just here to celebrate the day with Nick and me and have a good time?  My head tells me it’s the latter, but my southern raising and the hostess in me wants to do more. I know, it’s ridiculous.
The plan for tonight was to go out in our backyard around 4:30 tonight, before dark, and have a small promotion ceremony out there. Our friend Jim would do the actual promotion and pin on one rank while I do the other. (we’re going with ACUs instead of the class B so it will be Velcro, not a pin) while our friend Dave reads the orders. We are having Alex and Dave’s son Andrew hold the flag in the background. BUT… the weather is completely nasty outside. It’s cold, windy and raining. Not a good situation for anything outdoors. It looks like we’ll do it right here in our living room and that’s fine. I am chilling champagne so we can drink a toast to the new Colonel.
For dinner, we will have chopped barbecue pork, (to make sandwiches) a three bean bake (it’s delicious, I HAVE to figure out how to make this) and Cole slaw.  I am making a potato casserole for the kids, a peach cobbler because it just goes with BBQ and a red velvet cake for the man.  He loves red velvet and I like the idea because of it being “Engineer Red”   I am using a box mix today… don’t judge!
So, to answer my own question;  nobody cares about the food tonight.  They are our best friends and are truly only interested in celebrating this great day with Nick and me. I’m very excited and I’m so proud of my Soldier. I will post photos this weekend.
Happy Friday everyone!!


JG said...

Congratulations to Nick!! No matter what food you do or don't have, it will be a perfect celebration.

Anonymous said...

My first comment disappeared! I must have hit the wrong button.
Congrats on dropping the LTC, Can't wait until we get to do the same here.
I am sure your friends were thinking something along the lines of 'Well, bless her heart for having a party even after she just had surgery' Keep in mind I have lived in the north my whole life, but I think it goes something like that.
No matter what you serve you are a good hostess and I am sure everyone enjoyed every morsel of food and fellowship.
(Hope this doesn't turn up twice now)
Congrats to the DH

lynn s/w

Quiltingranny said...

Paula, I remember the days of pinning on rank and the parties and the only thing anyone was interested in back then, was how much beer we would have and how long would it last? Oh man, getting up in the morning and having sailors and their wives all over the house...all your friends care about it getting together and celebrating with you and enjoying your company. It is a military wife/upbringing thing. When my hubs got out of the Navy and went to work in another business where there were lots of single people, I would kill myself on the holidays....running from place to place, checking on turkeys in one over, pies at mine, staying up all night cooking. They didn't care, they came, they ate and they left. Take it from someone who is an over doer, don't hurt yourself, save your pain pills, relax and get better, I am praying for your speedy recovery!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Nobody cares. It's true that they would appreciate your work if you could do it, but who in their right mind is going to turn down good barbecue? No one.
Enjoy the moment and congrats!

Anonymous said...

Good food is good food. Congrats to Nick!